How You Can Touch and Massage-Baby Care?

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Being touched is an essential part of the bonding process that helps young creatures to thrive. Premature babies gain more weigh on lamb's-wool blankets than cotton ones because it feels as if they're being stroked when they move, and they feel contented.

The Importance Of Touch

Your baby is born sociable, and he craves physical affection. This is best communicated through touch, cuddles, being gently held, kissed, and nuzzled. It's important, there fore, that you're both completely free with your physical affection from the start. Your baby longs to be close to you and to be carried, and he will cry less and be more easily comforted if you carry him. Remember also that being, carried in a baby sling; close to your body feels like being cuddled to a baby, and allows you to do other things at the same time. Small babies are much stronger than you think, so be firm, but avoid sudden jerky movements your baby may think he's falling, and he'll be startled rather than comforted or go to As your baby gets older, you can be more robust with him, he'll enjoy tickling and rolling around on the floor with you, but don't over do it if he becomes at all distressed, and don't blame him if he pulls your hair or scratches you under a year old, he won't know that it hurts.

Massage Tips

Babies love massage as much as you do. Itís a nice way to calm an unsettled baby because it feels good to him. It's also an expression of love and your baby knows it, and has the added advantage of relaxing you too. Always prepare yourself carefully for massage.

Make sure the room is really warm. Lay your baby on a soft blanket or towel.

Play his favorite music or a recording of a heartbeat. Talk in a low, gentle voice or sing a song quietly.

Although massaging your baby's skin directly is best, many younger babies don't like being undressed. If your baby is one of these, dress him in a cotton T-shirt or similar garment, through which you can easily feel his body.

Work around his body, massaging both sides with slow, even strokes. Keep your face close to your baby's and look in to his eyes as you massage him. This is very powerful for both of you.

Physical Affection

As children grow up; they need the reassuring and loving embrace of caring parents more, not less as some parents may think. They should be encouraged to express their emotions boys just as much as girls. Indeed, a child's ability to achieve some kind of emotional stability is more or less determined before the age of 12 months a sobering thought, but nonetheless true.

Emotional Feedback

a child learns to master his emotions by getting sympathetic feedback from adults that mirrors the emotions he's feeling if your baby holds out a hurt hand, what helps most as any parent knows is lots of sympathy, kissing better, and cuddles you can visit A child doesn't grow out of the need for physical affection because these positive signs of parents' care are necessary for emotional growth. If you deprive a child of physical affection, you deprive him of an essential growth vitamin.
Your Baby Needs You Both

This applies equally to both parents, and continues throughout babyhood, childhood, and in some cases, in to adolescence. Nothing should be allowed to discourage loving parents both mothers and fathers from doing what their child needs them to do

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