How You Can Know If Your Document Storage Service Provider is Worthwhile

By: Henry Coleman

The bigger your company, the more it grows, and the more files you have to store. Doing so demands ever-increasing amounts of space and money to aid proper document storage and protection of data. Unfortunately, not all businesses have that.

Many businesses, specially small ones, do not have the luxury of having enough personnel, budget, and room needed for the proper storage of valuable documents and data protection. This causes them to store their documents in the wrong spots. This not just takes up useful office space, but also exposes them to unnecessary security and environmental risks. These concerns have persuaded a lot of companies to employ the assistance of businesses that specialise in keeping documents and protecting data. A number of these businesses supply services such as archive storage, data services, web services, scanning and imaging, and destruction services.

One of the most preferred services is the storage of archived files. Doing so frees up office space needed for ongoing productive activities. It also provides them with an opportunity to keep these files in secure areas protected from environmental hazards and security risks which could jeopardise the security and confidentiality of your files. Furthermore, providers of these services commonly assist you in sorting out data carefully, making document retrieval quicker and easier. Another very sought-after service is file destruction, another kind of data protection. To maintain and ensure privacy of your firm's files and records, documents are disposed of properly. Most businesses participating in this typically only require a written request that calls for that before getting the files and documents in their possession destroyed.

Before you'll seek a firm that can help you with keeping your data or guarding your documents, pay attention to the following:

- Top-notch security. A good company should have top-notch security. Top-notch security should include the following:

a) Strict monitoring and control sentry that only permits people in when their identity and purpose is established.

b) 24/7 Electronic alarm and security system.

c) Quick patrol guard responses.

d) The requirement of use of identification passes by guests and personnel escort of said people.

- Confidentiality. The company must have personnel who conform to all security requirements such as the signing of confidentiality agreements and the acquiring of Federal Police Service clearances.

- System protection against fires. Fire is among the main threats to the safekeeping of your files. The company needs to have the following to guarantee the security of your files:

a) Early warning smoke detection.

b) Fire suppressing systems.

c) Direct links to the local fire brigade.

d) Required fire fighting equipment set up in the facility and well-trained staff.

e) Electronic systems that are routinely checked and maintained by certified fire companies.

- Pest protection. Pests are another major threat, be sure the facilities are inspected and treated by respectable pest control companies.

Before you think of searching for a company to manage your document storage needs, keep these in mind.

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