How Well Do You Know Your Number Games?

By: Chino Moreno

Through the years, the rise of online casino number games such as keno, lottery and online bingo, has been unstoppable. Their popularity stems from several characteristics, which other casino games do not seem to have. Easy, simple and highly profitable, indeed, it is hard to expect these three from typical casino games such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

Considering these aspects at hand, indeed, one may find it difficult to resist the different types of number games found online.

So, how do these games really work?

Nothing really differentiates online bingo from the typical bingo game that you know. Here, you need to form a pattern. It can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order to win.

Perhaps, if there is anything that makes online bingo deviate from your ordinary bingo escapade, this is the use of random number generators (RNG). Moreover, online bingo cards are cheaper. But even so, the volume of players that participate in this game, enables it to generate bigger and more lucrative prizes.

Lottery, just like other types of number games, is also based on chance. This is a draw lots type of game, wherein you are compelled to predict the result correctly.

Some forms of lottery requires you to follow a certain order of number, whereas there are others, wherein you will be immediately rewarded as long as your predicted numbers show up.

Lottery is also one of the oldest games of chance that ever existed. It dates back to as far as the Han Dynasty.

Keno shares similarity with lottery. The player also need to predict the outcome of a draw. In the early years, members are only asked to predict 5 numbers. However, as time goes by and with the help of technology, of course, different variations of keno cropped out in the online casino world.

Some of them would ask for six (6) or seven (7) or eight (8). Others ask for ten (10) numbers.

Number game
Number game can be fairly considered as one of the newest number-based casino games. This is offered in many Asian casino sites such as 12BET, for example.

Unlike keno, lottery and bingo, number game gives you different betting options other than predicting the numbers that would appear after the draw. Here, you have the option to guess if the next number that will appear has a lower or higher value than the previous one. You also have the option to predict if the number that will appear is odd or even etc.

Due to the different options offered, it cannot be denied that number game is a highly profitable game.

While it is true that the above-mentioned games lack the challenge and thrill found in other casino games, their appeal never wanes. Indeed, they are very simple, nevertheless, it cannot be denied that they are very profitable.

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Chino Moreno is a writer whose interest is to write about gambling specifically about 12bet online live casino games and online live sports betting. His love for sports especially football, and passion for writing is something he do for a living.

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