How WEP Crack Program Can Help in Securing Wireless Network?

By: Arthur Mavericck

WEP or wired equivalent privacy is the most basic security protection designed for WiFi networks. It is your first layer of defense against casual eavesdropping, snooping, or signal theft. WEP encrypts your WiFi signal and deters outside networks or computers from hacking into your wireless network. Unfortunately, WEP is easy to penetrate even if you have encrypted signals. In order to accurately monitor the integrity of your WEP security layer, you need a portable penetration appliance that has WEP crack capability. This way, you can asses if your network can be compromised. Fortunately, portable penetration testing appliance has integrated WiFi network monitoring tools and spam filters and content filtering systems.

Hackers and Internet access thieves are always on the look out for WiFi networks with weak security systems. Normally, these hackers are very patient in gathering enough initialization vectors from WiFi networks. The information that they can gather will be used to crack your WEP security. Once the WEP has been cracked, your network will be vulnerable for penetration. Hackers can simply use your WiFi to get free Internet access but they can also do malicious activities such as eavesdropping, capturing passwords, and stealing network information. By using a unified threat management appliance, you can test your network by running a WEP crack simulation. You will know which areas of your network will be vulnerable to attacks.

The WEP crack program is a very useful evaluation tool. When you install a portable penetration testing appliance you will be one step ahead of malicious hackers. The device will perform security evaluations and assessments of your wireless network and issue reports of probable threats and network leaks. Because of these, you can implement proper security measures. To further secure your network, you must also deploy spam filters to prevent intrusion of viruses through electronic mails. Spam filters and antispam applications may not be enough to protect your mail system from spamming. You need a threat management appliance or device that can effectively detect incoming Spam that usually contain spyware and malicious programs.

It is cheaper and more efficient to implement a unified security appliance to test penetration attacks and perform also as web content and spam filters. It could be your all in one solution to security threats. It is also easy to operate a portable penetration testing appliance with WEP crack capability. Such appliance is user friendly and does not require complex configuration. All you have to do is to install it on your laptop and you are ready to monitor the security preparedness of your WiFi network.

WiFi networks are very vulnerable to attacks if you will not implement effective security solutions. By monitoring and listening to your signals and network traffic, hackers will be able to decode the WEP security of your WiFi network. So in order to prevent such security breach, you need to have a portable penetration testing appliance as well as web content and spam filters which you can use to assess and evaluate the security preparedness of your network and prevent malicious intrusions.

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