How To Write A Novel - An Authorís Advice

By: William Penworthy

If youíre looking for information on how to write a novel, or have begun your writing and are seeking novel writing tips, then the best place of all to look for such information is in the writings and notes of successful authors. Remember, every single author of every single book ever published started where you may well be right now - without a single published word to their name. To become an author simply means writing a novel that publishers feel is good enough to get published and for readers to feel is good enough to buy. But donít let that daunting prospect put you off!

Unless you have packed in your day job and are hoping to become an author quickly enough to be able to carry on paying your mortgage, bills and feeding your family, writing a novel should be an enjoyable experience which doesnít feel rushed, and doesnít feel like hard work. A novel written under furious stress and through sheer desperation is unlikely to ever be published. When it comes to thinking about how to write a novel, making the experience a pleasure rather than a necessity is crucial. It would certainly be very inadvisable to pack in your job in order to try to earn a living as an author. Many of the most successful authors had to wait years before being published, and even then the financial rewards were not immediately huge enough for them to buy a yacht and retire to a mansion in the country.

But of course for most authors in the past the problem has been learning the many lessons which must be experienced in order to become successful. An author is not born or made - an author is crafted. That is, perhaps, why writing is considered a craft rather than a job or a career. Crafting something takes experience, and there are many essential lessons to learn along the way in order to be any good at it.

The same is true when it comes to how to write a novel, because there will be a heap of lessons to learn, novel writing tips to pick up, bad habits and poor assumptions to get over, and valuable methods to pick up that will help your writing take shape. And as far as these lessons are concerned, you have a choice, since there are two ways in which it is possible to learn those lessons.

In order for you to learn the lessons regarding how to write a novel, you can either choose to work them all out for yourself, through years of trial and error, disappointment, confusion, exasperation and frustration, or you could of course pick up a copy of a successful authorís notes on how to write a novel, taking into account a huge range of novel writing tips which take away the need for you to spend years struggling to succeed. By following in the footsteps of a successful author you will benefit from years of experience and learning, helping to speed up your own writing career significantly.

Imagine being able to walk into a bookshop in six monthsí time and see your name on the cover of your book, sitting there on the shelf. Thatís an exciting prospect, and it can be a reality, if you know how to achieve it. The concept of getting published in just a few months from now might seem fantastic - perhaps even absurd, but that is only because of the assumptions, inexperience and lack of understanding regarding the craft of writing a novel.

With top novel writing tips, valuable lessons and advice from an experienced author who was once where you are now, you can cut out the years of waiting and get your own novel writing underway immediately. In order to know how to write a novel, you need just three things - imagination, enthusiasm and experience. The first two are up to you, but why not shortcut to success and learn from a successful authorís experience, and get your name on the bookshelves in six monthsí time?

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