How To Use Wicker Furniture To Decorate Your Home

By: Gen Wright

It is obvious to most people that the furniture pieces of a home are an important part of the home décor. That is why it is important that you match your furniture to the décor that you have set up. Wicker furniture has the flexibility and the creativity that you need to match the furniture to your existing or planned home décor.

The first thing to do when you decide to buy wicker furniture for your décor is to think of what kind of shapes and colors will go with your existing décor. This is easy enough. All you have to do is look around the room and decide what are the common shades and shapes you see around your room. You have to think of complimentary shapes and colors of these common elements.

For example we take a live and energetic décor within the living room. This particular room has deep ocean-blue colored walls with a white ceiling. The main furniture pieces are of metal and glass. The upholstery is mainly made up of white and black with a touch of red here and there.

To pick wicker furniture for this room, you need pieces that have well-defined edges. Go for angular shapes like triangles and quadrangles. Also, you need pieces that do not have a full body. You need to have gaps and not solid areas. Hence it will be wise to choose glass topped items because glass creates an illusion of space.

When it comes to color, try to match it with the existing upholstery. Also, choose wicker in the darker finishes. You might also get wicker in colored finishes. In that case, try to choose the ones that have a black colored finish. If the room is sure to remain clean at all times, you can choose wicker with a white finish.

A combination of wood and wicker works great for many places but mostly in places where a lot of wood is already present. Here the wicker/wood combination will help the wicker to stand in relief and will prevent it from creating a clash in the décor.

Wicker utility objects like baskets and racks work great when used correctly. Do not use them indiscriminately, and always put some thought behind where you are placing them. For the main dining table, you can get a beautifully crafted wicker fruit-basket. This gives the décor an earthy touch. For the living room, you can get the most out of your baskets by placing them in strategic corners where they will be out of the way but within easy reach. The idea here is to make it blend in.

If you are using wicker racks, make sure you use them only where they can be of some use. Placing them within the living room is usually a bad idea because you should not have storage spaces within a living room. It takes away from the active nature of the room.

All in all, it is important to go with the flow when decorating your home with wicker furniture.

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