How To Use Social Media

By: Mel Joelle

Today, technology seems to become more and more limitless with it’s capabilities it can handle in our everyday lives. Especially with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, it feels like the more technology enhances is the more tech savvy we must become to create and evolve a business within the cyber world.

The original purpose of social media is to connect with high school friends and family, but have you ever thought about creating a business with the tool of networking?

Believe it or not, there is a numerous amount of people turning social media into a part time and even on the lines of a full-time business by promoting traffic onto their Facebook and Twitter pages.

There are however a lot of misconceptions when it comes to promoting yourself on a social media outlet like in order to start your own internet business you’ll need to have many search engine rankings to promote yourself.

This is not true at all. In fact, it’s best and recommended to plan out a clear objective of what your social media plan should be. It is very important to keep these 5 things in mind before you begin:

Be sure to create a brand for yourself so that people can easily identify who you are and what you are representing. Another key and crucial step is to network yourself so that many different people and companies can recognize who you are and what your goals are so that your business can thrive as well as your publicity. How to gain more exposure for your website. How to build a relationship with other friends and other people from different businesses and companies. The more people know about you and who you are is the more you are capable of building a sort of trust building system with them.

The final step is to think about how to build and customize a customer relationship with your followers. When it comes to the term “Social Networking”, it’s best to not think it this business as a competition. Instead, you should always keep in mind that this business is more of a game of networking. You’re business is mainly about making friends while doing what you can to not treat this as a competition at all. One of the main things to remember is that these are your friends. They are on your side.

When it comes to advertising yourself on the internet, it’s really important for you not to overdo it by focus on the content of your page. This is alright to an extent but what you really should keep your on the prize on is focusing on the marketing side of this business.

Unfortunately, there have been many people that have taken this advice backwards. What you should do is provide a source of easy access to your site for your friends to easily have the ability to read, comment and like what they are reading.

This method will in turn pay off immensely and will have your friends share your content with other people which will spread it other search engines, making your reading material become noticeable to other viewers who may share the same interest in what you have to offer!

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