How To Use Postcards To Market Your Business?

By: deepa

Post card marketing is an exiting way to get your businesses own customized sales message out to already existing customers and prospects, best of all it is a great way to launch a big marketing campaign with a shoestring budget.

How Post Card Marketing Works Each month you can post out your own customized message for your business. The post cards can have sayings attached to them to generate further interest, like a thought for the month, or a funny saying.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in it is important to keep in contact with your customers and prospects, by keeping regular contact with them they wont forget about you, or the excellent products and services that you provide them. for more great thing about post card marketing is that they are so cheap you can afford to send them out as often as you like.

Why Post Cards Are So Effective Direct mail costs a lot, for instance calculate the cost of envelopes, postage, and the message inside the envelope. Then consider the cost of getting someone to stuff the envelopes, even if you do this yourself it has cost you the time, and time is money.

After everything, it is likely that it will equate to around a dollar per letter. If your letter is opened, read, and results in a sale- yes, it is money well spent. But often in mail rooms and offices an envelope that even closely resembles advertising is thrown away unopened, in this case you have spent a dollar per letter for it to be thrown in the trash, that is not money well spent in anyone’s terms.

Post card marketing comes to you already printed, do your math on how many post card mailing cards you can send for the same amount of money it costs to send out just one letter.

The beauty of post card mailing is that when you receive a post card what is the first thing you do? Turn it over and have a look what’s on the back, its human nature, isn’t it?

Because the post cards are interesting, often customers will pass them around the office, or to friends and family, your post cards have the potential to be passed around all over the place before they are finally thrown in the trash. To save even more on costs the front of the post card shows your return address, so if someone in your mailing list moves, you will know about it.

Not Sure If Post Card Marketing Is For You? Not sure whether post card marketing is really the thing for your business. for visit not sign up at this site you can try before you buy. Set up a free test account, and send postcards out to your prospective clients, or your regular contacts, and see for yourself the huge selling potential that post card marketing has, no strings attached.

If you find that post card marketing is just what you have been looking for, then you can sign up for an upgraded account, where you will have latest technology at your finger tips. Why not create a personal touch to your post cards, on this site you can upload samples of your own handwriting and send out personally hand written post cards to your mailing list. Contacts love to receive handwritten mail it makes them feel like you value them. You can even design your own post cards, and sayings to make your post cards even more personal and customized to your business.

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