How To Use Mobile Marketing

By: Mel Joelle

One of the best marketing strategies for businesses today is mobile marketing through SMS messages. The mobile phone industry has ballooned significantly in the past decade, offering businesses all over the world a broad and diverse consumer base with which to market their products and services. Statistics show that there are double the amount of SMS users than there are users of email today.

Most everyone today uses a mobile phone in their daily lives. This is mainly due to the busy lifestyles that people often lead. Statistics show that the use of mobile phones has more than tripled in the past decade as more and more people take to the roads. Many businesses, today, are taking advantage of this fact by moving their marketing strategies to the mobile industry.

Although the rates for receiving SMS messages is higher for consumers than receiving them through their email, SMS messages often catch the attention of users more frequently than do emails. Many people do not read their emails unless they recognize the sender. However, most everyone will read every SMS message they may receive. This can be a terrific marketing opportunity for any business.

Statistics show that mobile marketing techniques boast a response rate of about 25% among consumers as compared to only about 1% with any other marketing options. This, in itself, is a terrific reason for any business to make use of this channel for their marketing needs. Thus, anyone can see the fantastic benefits that this form of marketing can offer any business, large or small, new or old.

Most people typically read their SMS messages about three to five minutes after they receive them, making SMS messages a far better way of communicating to consumers than any other method. Many people do not read all of their emails; or, in many cases, the email site may label them as spam, and the user will send them to their trash. However, this is not so with SMS messages.

For businesses that use mobile marketing, one of the best benefits is that SMS messages are extremely affordable. The costs to send SMS messages is minimal, and businesses can often see profits immediately. The costs of such marketing techniques as physical mailings can be quite expensive when considering the supplies, storage and postage fees; and most often people simply throw these mailings in the trash. However, businesses do not have to worry about any of this when using SMS messages.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to using mobile marketing as a primary form of marketing for businesses. This direct marketing channel has grown dramatically in the past decade, and experts say it will keep on growing each year, as well. Most everyone today has a mobile phone, and most people read every SMS message they receive. Thus, the results, that businesses can see when they make use of mobile marketing, have a tremendous potential of being highly successful and proving to be the best marketing strategy for them today.

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