How To Use Million Dollar Sales Letters for Your Own Profit!

By: kirana choudhary

Everyone wants to make money. Everyone wants to see their money grow. When you start by asking your customers if they'd like to see one dollar grow to a hundred, you have their attention. When you prove to them that they can learn how to work such a miracle before they pay out a single penny, you are sure of their interest. After that, the bringing back of the actual order is mere detail.

Selling by mail can be the easiest and least expensive method of selling your services or commodities. It can also be the most difficult and the most expensive method of doing the job. It all depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to your prospects; it depends on the kind of a letter you send to them.

To write such a letter, a message that explains concisely yet completely and in an action-compelling manner what you have to offer, is a job that demands the services of an expert versed in every one of the thousand phases of selling and one with many years of successful mail order experience at his command.

If you would choose the one man in the United States who could write for you a sales letter that would produce the results you desire, you would probably ask Robert Collier to do the job. And the headline is only the beginning. Using the knowledge he's gained through research he'll continue to demonstrate an understanding of how he can fulfill his prospect's desires. So he'll engage him or her with questions, for more detail visit and stories, and word pictures, and quotes, and testimonials, and statistics, and whatever it takes to give his prospect the evidence and reassurance needed to entrust him or herself to his care.

Backed by many years of success in the field of selling by mail, selling every commodity from trench machinery to fertilizers, for more detail visit books and raincoats, stocks and bonds and services, Robert Collier has placed hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the clients for whom he has written his master sales letter. As a consequence he is, today, considered America's premier writer of successful selling letters.

He chose 15 of his best, which we present for you now.

These letters will sell for you. Choose those which are applicable to your own business. Alter them only to such an extent as to accord with the products and services you have to sell. But it will pay you, too, to study them all, for they all contain the essential elements that enter into every successful sales letter. They contain ideas that you may apply successfully in sales letters of your own dictation .

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