How To Use Fire Rated Doors in Hospital

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Hospitals are buildings that require utmost safety from disasters that can be vetoed upon, like the occurrence of a fire breakout. Similar to any building, hospitals are also faced with a different type of challenge due to the number of individuals who may not be familiar with the employ of a fire door and are actually not used to the building layout.

This may be a challenge for a lot of hospital buildings, especially that when fire disaster happens, people will definitely panic. It is understandable that some patients have been there for not many days and this situation can cause them shock, so they won't be able to do what needs to be done. It's even risky once a fire breaks out since there are patients who are immobile and they should be evacuated to safer areas.

The emergency team of the hospital should determine if evacuation should be vertical or horizontal since there are also fire doors that can block the spread of fire in some areas, so the other part of the building will be safe. Hospital buildings are given higher rating requirement for doors that are fire-proof since there's a large span to cover for people to get out of any burning area.

It's also required for laboratory rooms such as the CT scan room, the x-ray room and the MRI room because these places contain equipment that are essential for diagnostics. Hospitals are required to train their staff for emergencies like fire and earthquake. There are drills that can be practiced and there must be regular instruction about fire exits and egress in case a fire breaks out.

The emergency personnel would lead the people on where they should seek safety since they were trained to have knowledge on the right moves to take and are familiar with the building floor plan. One more issue which will put the people in more peril during a fire is the presence of free flowing oxygen from the pipeline. When a valve is open and there's fire nearby, combustion will be supported well and this will contribute to the growth of combustion in a certain room.

Once the place becomes too hot, the place can explode. Thus, the walling, ceiling and doors, even the windows should be fire-resistant. Evacuation of people and important things may either be horizontal evacuation which means that the other end of the floor can be used as a safe region for evacuees. There has to be a secure area in a certain floor where the fire cannot reach and this may be protected with a highly-rated fire door.

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