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This article will help one know how to unblock facebook if it is blocked from his/her school or company. But, before we learn that, let us know what is facebook. The internet world is taken by a whirlwind since the arrival of web 2.0. The most striking feature that web 2.0 brought to the Internet users is the advent of social networking sites. A social networking site is a web site that allows an individual to create his/her own private account where one can describe his/her interests, hobbies, business networks and various other details. And on the basis of these details, one can join various communities based of personal interests. A staggering number of social networking websites are present on the internet but one of the most popular is facebook. Why is facebook so popular? For that one should go and visit and then the reason for its popularity will not raise a question in an individual’s mind.

What needs to be remembered is that, the principle on which Facebook works is solely based on the networks created. Networks are created based on things. It can be based on a movie star or a movie that has a lasting impact on people. It can be of the most popular sportspersons or even abstract topics like I Believe in Soul mates.

The best part is that if one can’t find a network on his/her interests, he is free to create one. But, the biggest problems these social networking sites face is that it has caught the people’s eye so much that most of the schools and companies where people are addicted to such sites, have blocked these sites. Now, how to unblock the facebook is the key to use it from an individual’s workplace or school or college.

Here, we will introduce the term proxy servers. What exactly a proxy server does is that it interacts with the facebook or any other social networking site instead of the computer at your workplace. That computer when tries to access facebook you realize that facebook is blocked. But if proxy server is being used then one can access facebook easily from his/her workplace or school even if these sites are blocked.

One more trick can be listed here. A remote control account is what can come in for help. Such an account can be GoToMyPC account or LogMeIn account. What this service does is, it allows an individual to use his/her computer at home or we can say its services at least. Now obviously the user's home PC will certainly be unblocked to such sites and workplace can’t block websites that a home PC accesses. Other benefit with this remote control software is that with this service an individual is eligible to access all the resources of the home PC.

But, these unblocking tricks to use facebook from workplace or school should not be spread to everyone. This is because as more number of people get aware of these tricks, even the administrators will come to know of them. And with technological advent it will be a matter of days to find out a way to overcome such tricks. So, you enjoy unblocked facebook sitting in your workplace but don’t allow such privileges to all your colleagues.

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