How To Train For A Marathon: Tips To Recover After The Run

By: Stacy Ann Shaw

You have subjected your body to an intense physical challenge... Running a half marathon and completing it, is indeed a great accomplishment, but now that you have crossed the finish line, have you contemplated what to do next? We are certainly not addressing what other task or project you are going to handle, we are talking about the recovery process after a marathon race, and the things you should be doing after the race. If you haven't even given it a thought, you are certainly not alone, but this step is an important stage of your half marathon training, so now is the right time to take a look at what you need to do.

Recovering immediately after a marathon run

Now the first step may be obvious, but believe you me, not many marathoners do this. So... after running all that distance, you need to stop-just stop and rest. ; but when it comes to properly recovering after a marathon run there are other things that you should be doing first. Believe it or not, one of the things you need to be doing is walking and stretching for about 15 minutes after you cross the finish line. Now, your body may rebel against this, but here is the reason your intellect should be winning the day.Your muscles are going to start to tense up when you've stopped running, and that may not be too much of a problem for you at the time - not with the other aches and pains you may be feeling - but you'll certainly notice it over the following few days when you find it hard to move around.

You may think of taking a shower or changing your gears after running a marathon; however, it is advisable to stretch and walk immediately, as this will help your muscles to relax slowly. Doing this procedure will have a major inpact on the recovery process

Getting yourself refuelled and rehydrated while you cool down is critical. Including these while walking is a great way of combining the two things that you're going to need to do most, when recovering after a marathon race, and it's also a good habit to get in to so that you don't miss one or other of these steps. Fresh fruit, water with electrolytes, in fact many of the energy drinks or bars that are presently on the market, will help to get fluid and fuels back in to your body.

Recovering over the weeks after a marathon run

If this was your first marathon, then you may fall in to one of two camps after the race: you want to get training again right away; or you never want to run again in your life - both are quite understandable.

No matter which of the two decisions you reach, you should really have some plan of action for making sure that you don't start to suffer while recovering after a marathon run, then you'll be ready to start to train again, if you wish to.One of the easiest ways to do it is to spend the following few days going for short walks. You're body will be used to the regular exercise, but won't be ready for that level of training so soon, so the walking will help you to keep a schedule in place while not putting too much demands on your body to be ready to tackleanother marathon.

If you do decide that you're going to start training again, build back up to a full training schedule. It is also recommended that you keep your training to a minimum in the first 26- 30 days after a marathon or half marathon. Regular walks during this period really helps, then you can strat to build up the miles that yo do in each practice training. Some people may never re-enter another marathon or long distance event after participating in one. Hey, that is soley up to them, and if you find yourself in this category, then just do the walking. Who to tell, you may just decide to begin a full training schedule once to recovery process has ended .

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