How To Take Proper Care Of Your Trees

By: Loyal Jami

Trees and shrubs would need proper care and maintenance if you want to get the full benefit of having them in your yard. A well cared for and well maintained tree will be a healthy addition to any home garden. To help you out, here are some tips that you can follow when it comes to proper tree care:

. Proper Care- A properly cared for tree will grow faster and healthier. So you should expend every effort that you can in properly taking care of trees in your place. Keep in mind as well that trees are more expensive than other types of plants, so losing one would mean a lot more to you than losing any other type of plant.

. Plant Right Away- You should plant your trees as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so then you have to keep them in a cool spot that is protected and shaded from the effect of dry winds. You should also remember to keep the roots of your young trees moist at all times.

. Bare Root Trees- A majority of the specimens of the larger trees that can be bought are available as bare root trees. This means that the plants are not placed in any container and the roots are just exposed. The roots are usually covered with newspaper and rag to seal the moisture in.

. Container Grown- Some trees are available as container grown specimens and they can be grown and maintained in their containers for over a year before they have to be transferred to the ground itself. Even if they are contained they would still have to be taken care of properly.

. Planting it Right- You should get things right when you are planting your tree or your shrub. Keep in mind that it is no small feat to move a plant that is partially grown already so you have to make sure that you do it right the first time. Consider the way that plant will grow and spread when you are placing the plant in position.

. A Huge Hole- The roots of trees and shrubs should be able to penetrate the surrounding soil easily and that is why you have to dig a huge planting hole in order to break up the ground around the plant. The roots of trees spread out in a sideways manner, so you need to till the ground far wider than the roots.

. Stake- A stake is needed by the plant during its early stages of growth for additional support so that it will not be affected by strong winds and other factors that might bend it down. Place the stake on the ground before you place the plant itself. The ideal length of the stake would be one third of the total length of the plant itself.

These simple tips and reminders when it comes to planting trees can go a long way in ensuring that whatever it is that you plant, it will grow to be healthy and strong. So make sure that you follow them.

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