How To Switch From News Release To News Story

By: Elisa Whealer

Typically, a news release does not always become a news story. There are several reasons why most journalists do not just modify it to news before publishing.
It becomes necessary then, that we ask: How can we make releases that convert into good news stories?
The Standards To Consider In Producing A Story-Worth News Release
Below are critical factors, in the form of questions, to guide you when you make your releases. Being conscious about these will increase your chances of getting that spot on that valuable space.
Therefore, carefully scrutinize each and contemplate how to make use of the idea.
1. Do you have a target audience in mind? Pose this question to yourself in order for you to discern your work. Will your story holds significant fascination to your aspired readers and the media?
If deep down in you, you know that your story is not that alluring, then do not wait for it to go public. If you are the editor, will you want to publish a poorly-made release? Will the readers buy it?
2. What kind of stories attracts your audience? If you can answer this, then you will know as well if you are on the right track. Knowing what is apt for you will accord you with the most fitting program.
With the popularity of the Internet however, more and more are doing releases here.
3. Is your release on time? Make sure that your story is not an old one or took place several weeks back. If this is the case, then your story is too late to be released now.
The opposite can also be unfavorable for you: too early of a submission may not be practical. So be sure, your timing is right.
4. Are you positive that you have a laudable story to tell? Refresh your memory on what releases should be all about. What do they cover?
The usual involves company performance, profits made, expansions, mergers, new products & services offered, transfers, environmental issues and awards received.
5. Does your story bear the proper approach? Even if your news story appears to be just like the usual, it may not have the suitable perspective.
In writing a release, muse for a while if you are doing it with your audiences interest in mind.
Consider this a checklist of important things that you have to consider when making your news release. Individually, this will help enlighten you whether you are on the right track.
If you employ all these, you will be benefited with a charismatic release that will sure lure your audience.
The Right Equation: News Release equals News Story
The equation simply states that your releases should convert into news stories. Otherwise your efforts will be put to waste. Each time you write a release, this should be your aim.
And dont aim blindly. Dont be satisfied with mere submissions and leaving your releases to chance. With the checklist above, you are increasing your chances in converting your releases into news stories.

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