How To Stop Sweat - 5 Tips To Stop Arm Pit Sweating How To Stop Underarm Sweat Prevent Excessive Sweating - 5 Tips To Stop Arm Pit Sweating

By: Armand Gusma

If you want to stop your uncimfortable underarm sweating, then this article is for you as I have given you a few treatments to stop this irritating condition. You might try to wear two undershirts stacked together underneath your dress shirts to work and still have sweat stains soaked through. I've been there and I know what it feels like. Having suffered from this problem I know how embarrasing it can get. Unless you take some sort of action the problem will remain there even if you try to hide it
I recommend you apply some of these 5 natural remedies
White vinegar has astringent properties. It will condition your armpits to stay dry and sweat less overall. In the morning, just wash your armpits with soap and water as you normally do. The acid in the vinegar will be absorbed by your armpits overnight and protect you from sweating all day long
I will advise you to use a crystal rock made from the mineral salt potassium alum rather than a deodorant. It effectively clogs your sweat glands and is free of the chemical called aluminum.
Other thing you can do is baking soda with your deodorant thats is high in aluminium chloride, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Used in combination with a deodorant that's high in aluminum chloride, baking soda could be your missing piece to the puzzle. They create gas and the sweat is instantly evaporated. So it conditions your sweat to just dry up really fast
You can make another natural deodorant by diluting two drops of essential oil in an ounce of water and apply to your armpits
Apple cider vinegar is also very helpful in eliminating armpit odor when is used in place of a deodorant because it reduces the pH of the skin, and odor-causing bacteria

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