How To Stop Foreclosure Now

By: Justin Case

Stop Bank Foreclosure - Get the Contract
Facing a home foreclosure is scary and humiliating. This fear can cause immobility to set in to where even the phone does not get answered. Action is a must if the home is to be saved from bank foreclosure. Knowledge is a must to stop foreclosure.
There are many tips and techniques available to help to stop the foreclosure process. But there is one technique that is of utmost importance to every homeowner.
If you use this key it could save your home from a foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps. This key is an item that is often overlooked, however, it is the key to any mortgage and to every right of foreclosure initiated by the lender. Without it the lender has no authority to foreclose on any property.
The keystone to all of this is the contract. Without a contract there can be no mortgage. The mortgage is not a stand alone document.
Challenging the banks right to foreclose is pretty aggressive and it is pretty powerful.
There are many successful challenges made every day and hundreds have already challenged the banks right to foreclose and have won. So can you, if you take action.
The mortgage contract is often lost or destroyed and cannot be produced when a demand is made for it's production. This is very significant and powerful to your case. It can mean the difference in losing your home and keeping it.
The lender must produce the note/contract or offer an explanation why it cannot be produced. Usually it has to be a very substantial reason why. Something along the lines of a fire or flood destroyed it. Simply claiming it was destroyed and preserved digitally or misplaced is not sufficient in most cases.
Please note, an attorney did not write this. This are only opinions and everyone has one. So please use do diligent research and arm yourself with knowledge and become powerful. These people expect most borrowers to roll over and play dead with it comes to bank foreclosures.
If you want to have some fun, learn how to make these challenges and you can watch the cockroaches fly for the dark corners of the universe.
Fraud will vitiate the most solemn of agreements.
Will any of these possibilities fall into the area of fraud?
For a contract to be changed it takes the agreement of all parties. That includes the borrower. If the contract has been sold, did the borrower agree to the change of a new mortgagee? If he did not, there may be no contract. Can the contract be reassigned without the borrower's agreement? Therefore, the new contract holder may not have authority or standing to initiate a bank foreclose.
Is it legal for banks to lend debt or credit? Where in all the laws of this land has it been decreed debt can be loaned? Is not credit debt? Credit is used as a term of being able to borrow. But it is also used as term of debt. When a loan is made what is loaned? Debt is loaned. Your credit (debt) limit is... Nothing of intrinsic value has changed hands in this kind of loan process.
Money was created by moving one set of figures from one column to another. Even if they hand the borrower a stack of bills with the labels of Federal Reserve Note printed on the top of each one, the borrower has only received a pile of debt. Note equals debt.
Is it legal for one bank to sell a note, then collect the payments and pass it on? Are they committing a fraud by collecting on a debt already paid?
If you are facing the mortgage foreclosure process arm yourself with all the knowledge you can then take action.

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