How To Save on Gas Without Changing Your Driving Habits

By: Scott Siegel

There are a number of methods you can use to reduce your overall expense of gas purchases even before you consider changing your driving habits or taking any actions on your car. These strategies consist of smart buying and good management of your gas purchases.

The most basic and logical method is to shop for gas. Look for the lowest priced gasoline you can buy. Sounds so obvious it almost seems ridiculous that this article addresses that solution. But it's not ridiculous because gas is always looked at as something different. If you were shopping for an mp3 player or camera you would try to find the place with the best price. For some quirky reason we have learned to treat gasoline differently. Think about it, you most likely purchase fuel at stations where it is the most convenient rather than where the price is the lowest. You also find that you will fill up at any station you are near if you are running low on gas regardless of the price. That behavior is what needs to be unlearned.

As with any other commodity you want to save money on, shop around for the lowest price. Of course if you waste 10 gallons of gas driving around to find the lowest price it defeats the purpose of finding the lowest price. The trick is to do the shopping without wasting gas doing it.

Shop around in your neighborhood for the lowest price gas that you can find but don't go too far out of your way. As soon as you start driving the meter starts running. Since the idea is to save money you would be working against yourself by driving around for too long.

The American Automobile Association has done studies that show the average cost to drive a car is about 51.7 cents per mile. That is based on data for cars so the numbers for SUVs and trucks are higher. At 51.7 cents per mile every three miles you drive to find the lowest price gas station could be costing you more than $1.50.

Therefore if you have a 15 gallon gas tank that you would completely fill , you would have to find a price lower than your neighborhood station by about 7 cents. Every two miles you drive after that you would need to save another 7 cents. You can see that after a relatively small distance it would not save you any money and could end up costing you money.

The smart way to shop around is to find the low price stations during your normal daily driving. By doing that you will not be using any extra gas. Keep a small notebook in your car. As you see stations that have low prices note the location in your notebook.

Later, when you have time to compare prices in your notebook, you can decide where to stop for gas during your normal driving routine. By doing that you will find better prices but will save all the gas you would have used if you had driven around looking. You will have been able to take advantage of the best gas prices and will not have used any extra gas to do it! The result is a real savings on your fuel purchases!

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