How To Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis – Tips and Suggestions

By: Rick Lim

Smoking is one bad habit which doesnīt go away easily. Only through proper hypnosis mechanism applied it will get vanquished. Hypnosis deals with psychological feelings of human beings.

Sessions which are created to quit smoking habits involve suggestions, hypnotherapy techniques and positive affirmations. These suggestions given by hypnosis are so valuable and they help in making a person quit smoking within no time.

In these sessions positive thoughts are flooded into smokers mind by the hypnotherapist.

It makes him disconnected from surrounding world using hypnotism, than he makes him go deep into the depth of his mind, creating an bad impact of smoking in his mind. This psychological feeling makes him get out of smoking habit.

In hypnotic state people are said to be in an attentive state, though they are in deep sleep, still are active and awake.

How a hypnotherapist cures a smoker?

A smoker who visits a hypnotherapist is advised to look into future, where he finds him in a situation without a cigarette in his hand.

Smoker is encouraged to think positively and is made to believe, that he can quit smoking easily.

His mind is trained in such a way to ensure a bad opinion on cigarette smoking, with the help of advantages of quitting smoking.

After doing all this smokers mind comes into a good condition. Hypnosis leaves a positive impact on smokers mind. It makes him understand need to quit smoking habit.

Depending upon the progress and understanding of the smokers mind, hypnotherapists increase the usage of hypnosis. Hypnosis is followed by some other sessions like attitude building, character building etc.

All these ideas have only one goal in mind: make a smoker quit the habit of smoking.
Most of the smokers donīt like the idea of hypnosis, they simply say itīs a trash and wonīt change their mind set.

The reason behind this is, the smoker himself is not able to make a decision for himself. If he makes a decision to heal hits problem and comes to a hypnotherapist surely he will get benefited.

Hypnotherapist tries to deviate his mind from the habit of smoking and gives him a conditioned responses which are positive. Conditioned response is quite simple just like a thumb pressing a finger and holding it.

While carrying out hypnotherapy smokers are suggested to take three deep breaths and drink some glass of water.

All these suggestions and tips ensure quit smoking in short time.

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