How To Quit Smoking Naturally – Simple Stop Smoking Tips

By: Ricky Lim

One of the reasons why smokers reject the idea of quitting is their fear of withdrawal effects. Just like every other addiction, there will be a temporary period of adjustment but that´s just what it is: a period.

Liberate yourself from this dangerous habit by learning how to quit smoking naturally. Not only do you save money, but the risks of acquiring diseases such as lung cancer and heart attack are also minimized.

Here are several ways that have worked with ex-smokers that you can try or inspire you to develop your own way of quitting smoking forever.

Start off by conditioning your body. Exercise, avoid too much fatigue, and eat healthy foods. Avoid the situations that usually make you crave for smoke afterwards.

Most smokers feel an urge to smoke usually after their meals. One way to lessen that urge is to drink coffee or beverages that contain caffeine. Another option is to use stop smoking aids such as nicotine gum instead.

Then plan how you want to quit smoking either through stopping entirely or just gradually decreasing the number of smoke you consume everyday. Say you consume ten sticks of cigarette everyday, you can decrease it one by one every two days and smoke only half of the stick.

Break the pattern that you previously had and make it uncomfortable for you to smoke. You can place the cigar packs in a hard to reach location, smoke at awkward hours of the day and puff at a different place.

Get rid of your favorite brand and choose one that you don´t like. You can also reach out for a nicotine gum instead.

The most important part of any method you choose is to have a proper mindset – do not think that stopping from this habit is impossible. This is perhaps the most difficult to observe but remember that once you have it envisioned, the rest is a piece of cake.

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