How To Quit Smoking - Best Methods To Quit Smoking

By: Dr Rob

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Top Five Methods to Quit Smoking Cigarettes--Traditional
and Non-Traditional

Smoking cigarettes puts you at a greater risk for heart and
lung diseases. It becomes all the more hurtful when it also
adversely affects the health of the people around you,
especially family and loved ones.

Unfortunately, smoking is addictive and many people who
smoke their first cigarette get hooked for a lifetime. It is
not impossible to quit smoking cigarettes, however. You can
effectively quit smoking with the help of these five


The sincerity to stop smoking is a determining factor in
anyone's fight over cigarette addiction. In order to stop
smoking cigarettes, you must first want to stop smoking.

To kick off your smoking cessation campaign, set a date
when you intend to quit smoking for good. Get rid of all
cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other objects that remind
you of smoking. Most of all, steer clear of people who smoke
since they can break your resolve.

Sometimes self-discipline alone is not enough to control
the craving to smoke. It is best to combine this method with
the other four methods: medications, hypnotherapy,
acupuncture and counseling.


You can help fight off the urge to smoke with nicotine
replacement therapy (NRT) and prescription medications.

NRT supplies your body with the nicotine that you get from
cigarettes. It allows you to reduce the amount of nicotine
that you take in day by day, until your body stops depending
on the substance.

NRT medications can be bought over the counter at your
local drugstore. They are available as skin patches, chewing
gum, inhalers, or lozenges.

In some instances, physicians will recommend that you take
bupropion pills or varenicline tartrate pills together with
NRT. These prescription medications help contain your
cigarette cravings without supplying your body with


Through hypnotherapy, you can program your subconscious
mind to remove the desire to smoke. Talk to a professional
hypnotherapist to know if this method is right for you. The
hypnotherapist can help you explore your inner self by
bringing you into a deep, relaxing trance.


Acupuncture can also help you cut down on the number of
cigarettes that you smoke daily until you are finally able
to stop. The treatment is done by inserting needles at
certain pressure points on your ears, wrists and hands. If
skillfully administered, the treatment is painless. Many
ex-smokers find acupuncture very effective in reducing
smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Support & Counseling

To boost your resolve to quit smoking, join a support group
or get professional counseling. You can also seek support
from your family and friends. Quitting is hard but with the
help and support of concerned people, you can find the
strength to break the habit.

Never give up if your plan to quit smoking cigarettes
fails. Quitting gets easier with every attempt! Many
reformed smokers do not stop smoking with their first try. A
lot try to quit over half a dozen times before finally
succeeding. With persistence, you can achieve your goal to
be a nonsmoker.

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