How To Properly Exfoliate Your Face In Six Easy Steps

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There are many reasons to get into a weekly exfoliation routine — it reduces the appearance of fine lines, eliminates skin dullness and provides you with a smoother and fresher complexion. However, it’s easy to make exfoliation mistakes and cause your complexion to rebel, resulting in inflammation, irritation and redness. Before you start to scrub your face, here are the proper steps to take when sloughing off dead skin cells. Remember, you should only be exfoliating about once per week in order to avoid over-scrubbing.

Gather your supplies.
Whether you choose to exfoliate whilst bathing or over the sink in the morning (morning is the best time to scrub up, since the skin heals itself overnight), you’ll need the same basic items. Search out a face and body scrub that is specifically formulated for your delicate facial skin, and doesn’t contain large scrub beads. Natural and organic beauty products are the best options, as they’re gentler. In addition, you’ll need a soft washcloth or two. Never use a loofah to scrub your face — it is too harsh.

Cleanse your skin.
Before you use any facial scrubs, make sure your skin is clean and that all makeup is removed. Use your facial skin care products to gently cleanse the skin. If any makeup remains, use an oil-free makeup remover to wipe it off.

Open your pores.
If you used your face wash in the shower, you’ve already finished this step, thanks to the steam from the hot water. If you used your facial cleanser over the sink, you want to make sure your pores have a chance to relax and open before you try to get the gunk out. Grab one of your washcloths and rinse it under the warmest water you can; wring it out a bit so it’s not dripping wet, tilt your head back and lay the washcloth across your entire face. Leave it there for a few minutes, then remove and wring out.

Do a gentle scrub.
Pour a dime-sized amount of facial scrub onto your fingertips or the already-dampened washcloth. Beginning at your chin and moving upwards toward your forehead, gently massage the scrub into your skin in a circular motion. Apply evenly all over your face, and let it rest for a few minutes.

Rinse and dry.
Splash your face with water to remove the scrub and any impurities it has pulled from your pores. Once the face is clear, use a soft towel to pat dry; do not rub or pull it.

Immediately after exfoliating, use a face moisturizer to keep skin hydrated; the act of exfoliating removes the skin’s natural oils, and can be drying if moisturizers aren’t applied. Make sure to use a moisturizing cream regularly, even on days you don’t exfoliate, to keep skin healthy throughout the week.

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