How To Prevent Pimples - A Simple Quiz To Get Completely Clear Skin

By: Felix G. Schmieder

There's a lot of bad information when it comes to learning how to prevent pimples, trying to get rid of acne, and getting completely clear skin.† Everyone wants to stop breakouts, but they just don't know how to do it the right way.† Well test yourself and find out if you're treating your acne the right way.
1.)† You should wash your face
A.) Daily
B.) Twice A Day
C.)† Never
D.)† Whenever You're In Front Of A Sink
The answer here is C.† Washing your face will never get rid of acne because it strips your face of essential oils and only irritates it.
2.)† Dead Skin, Oil, and Bacteria all combine to cause acne
A.)† True
B.)† False
This one may be a surprising false to you.† Technically, they do, however you'll never stop breakouts if you just focus on this because they're just symptoms of a deeper problem.
3.)† There's a relationship between acne and your diet
A.)† True
B.)† False
This is a resounding true.† One huge aspect of getting completely clear skin is to eliminate certain foods from your diet, such as dairy, white sugar and white carbs
4.)† The best way to stop breakouts is
A.)† Chemicals to fight bacteria
B.)† Control Oil
C.)† Exfoliate dead skin
D.)† All of the above
If you've been paying attention at all, you know the best way how to prevent pimples is none of these.† I know that wasn't an option, I was trying to make a point.† Conventional wisdom would have us believe these are the only choices we have to get rid of acne.
But we have far more options than this to get completely clear skin.† Homemade remedies such as aspirin or honey are wonderful alternatives for how to prevent pimples, but there is also another method to curing your acne completely.† I touched upon it briefly when I was talking about diet.
The best way to stop breakouts, get rid of acne and get completely clear skin is to realize acne does in fact start inside of our bodies.† Bacteria, oil, dead skin are all direct symptoms of these inner problems.† Because it does start inside of us, we can eliminate the problem completely in an amazingly short amount of time.† The best way how to prevent pimples is to focus internally, eat better foods, exercise, drink water, get good amounts of sleep and have a proper mindset.

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