How To Prevent Data Loss

By: Abul Kashem

In a bright morning you are trying to open a file containing important business information, but your computer is showing the error signals and can’t open the file. Such a situation is common in everyone’s life. The incident may be more disastrous and you may find your whole hard drive crashed. But the catastrophic result of such accidents is not understood until one goes through the situation himself.

So it is wise to be aware of the data loss and take the preventive measures in order to avoid a data loss situation.

The common causes of date loss include the virus attack, natural disasters, accidental deletion, hardware failure, unexpected system shutdown, media corruption, and corruption of the storage media. A data loss situation may range from simple to catastrophic depending on the kind of incident. If you own a computer, Mp3 players, Cds, Dvds or cell phones, you may fall victim of a data loss situation anytime.

The following measures can be taken in advance in order to avoid data loss.

The first preventive measure can be taken by placing your laptop or desktop in a dust-free and jerk-free place. Place your computer in a stable, clean, and safe working environment. Any sudden jerk or abrupt movement may damage your hard drive, especially if it is a laptop. The dust also may clog your system and cause the systems overheat. So, choose a dust-free place for your computer.

You should also try to avoid the extreme external environments. Extreme hot or cold temperature can shorten the lifespan of a drive, reduce the performance of the system, and ultimately damage your whole system.

Do backup your data. To backup important data, files, documents and programs on a regular basis is also an effective preventive measure you should consider. Backup can provide an exact copy of the data that you have lost. So, you should backup important data, files, documents and programs regularly.

You can also take the benefit of the online backup. Online backup companies have the ultra-secure servers, which have enormous amounts of available space to store your precious data.

Install and update anti virus on the regular basis. To protect your system from computer viruses you should install and update your anti-virus. You should also keep the computer from the human errors. Keep it away from computer illiterate, small children and other human carelessnesses.

The following factors are also important to prevent the data loss. To ensure the security you should scan your E-mail's attachment before you open it. You should also activate or install fire wall software and visit only trusted web site. Eating and drinking during the work at your computer can also pose dangers to your computer. You should also properly shut down your computer.

Follow the above tips and avoid any catastrophic data loss situation.

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