How To Prevent Cold-Weather Hair Flyaway

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The worst part of winter is the static electricity that makes your mane stand on end. If you suffer from staticky strands every time the temperature takes a dip, you could use some quick tricks to keep those frizzes at bay. Whether you’re at home, the office or painting the town red, here are plenty of ways to avoid looking electric-shock chic.

When You’re Getting Ready …
The reason your hair stands on end in cold weather is because your locks lack moisture, and static electricity has more opportunity to build up. The best way to prevent flyaways is to nip these problems in the bud. Preventing static starts the second you step into the shower; with the proper prep, you won’t have to throw your locks into a ponytail every day.

Use moisturizing hair shampoos and condition hair every day. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes; to avoid wasting water, wash and condition your hair first and let the moisturizers work their magic while you soap up with shower gel; rinse the product out afterward. Deep conditioning treatments or leave-in conditioner should be used at least once per week as well.

Before you exit the shower, turn the hot water off and let the cold water cascade over your locks for a few seconds — as long as you can stand! — to help flatten the cuticle and prevent static.

Don’t even think about brushing out tangles; your hairbrush builds up static. Instead, towel-dry hair and use a wide-tooth comb. Then, apply your hair styling products to prevent damage as you blow-dry. Hairsprays and anti-frizz shine serums help prevent flyaways, and silicon-based hair styling products are best for stopping static.

Last but not least, use an ionic blow dryer, which neutralizes static particles. Use a low heat setting to dry hair, then set your style with a shot of cold air when your entire head is dry.

When You’re Out and About…
If you’re already away from home when the static strikes, don’t despair — there are still options to keep the flyaways away.

Before you leave the house, pop a dryer sheet into your purse for emergencies. When you notice your hair feeling staticky, pull out the sheet and swipe it over your strands; just like dryer sheets keep the static cling out of your clothes, it also works on your mane!

If you notice your coif is more likely to be staticky in your office or home, the problem may simply be that the air is too dry. Pick up a humidifier to put a little moisture back in the air.

Finally, you can use the skin lotions you keep on your desk or in your purse as a hair moisturizer. Apply a small amount to your body or hands, and rub it in; when there is barely any left on your hands, run them through your hair. Make sure there isn’t too much lotion on your hands, or your mane can turn into a greasy mess.

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