How To Prevent Bowel Incontinence Problem Naturally?

By: Gordon R Santo

Approximately three to twenty percent of people suffer from bowel incontinence problem due to gastrointestinal disorders. The problem of weight loss, fever, rectal bleeding, anemia, fatigue, irregular bowel movement and abnormal reaction to certain food indicate bowel incontinence problem that can be caused by irregular food intake, stress, medical problem and hereditary factors. Sometimes, the problem happens due to abnormal growth of microorganism in gut, or due to presence of parasites in bowel. Many of these symptoms can be reduced by taking appropriate cure. Certain allopathic chemical treatments have side effects such as nausea, dizziness or diarrhea, however, natural cure for the problem can reduce these symptoms without any side effects. To prevent bowel incontinence problem naturally Arozyme Capsule can be taken regularly.

Arozyme Capsule contains herbs that have laxative properties to fasten bowel movement in the digestive tract. It reduces the problem of hardening of stool. It contains herbs that control muscle spasm and reduce inflammation due to stress caused in the inner walls of the intestine. The herbal capsule can be taken to prevent bowel incontinence problem naturally as it manages stool consistency and prevents severity of constipation. It reduces discomfort and straining problem. The herbs have anti biotic properties to prevent overgrowth of bacteria in the gut.

Changes in eating habits: Modification in eating habits, keeping a check on gut movement and making small changes in lifestyle can help in reducing the problem such as -
1. Take meals rich in fibre as fibre softens the stool and allows its movement in the gut. Note: Although, high fibre diet helps in improving bowel movement but it should be taken in regulated quantities as it can trigger symptoms of gas in certain people. The fibre intake should be increased slowly as immediate increase of fibre can cause inconvenience.
2. Keep a check on food that cause abdominal problems such as high fat diet, certain milk product, caffeinated drinks, food having high amount of sweeteners etc.
3. Taking diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates reduces constipation. Food such as whole grain breads, pasta, rice and cereals can be taken.
4. The people suffering from bowel incontinence problem are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Sometimes, certain stressful event results in onset of symptoms of IBS and regular medication is given to such people to prevent symptoms.
5. To prevent bowel incontinence problem naturally take adequate sleep and do regular exercises.
6. Intake of certain vegetables such as beans and cabbage can cause bloating and it can be avoided by keeping a check on its intake.

It is recommended to add a spoon full of Ptychotis Ajowan (Ajwain) to the vegetables to prevent bloating. Along with many other herbs Ptychotis Ajowan has been used in the preparation of Arozyme Capsule that is a great cure to prevent bowel incontinence problem naturally. All the herbs in the capsule are high value quality herbs that are very effective in reducing incontinence problem and restricting irregularity in bowel movement caused by physical and emotional reasons. The capsule reduces stress and infections in digestive tract.

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