How To Overcome The Bad Day Blues?

By: Amuro Wesley

If for whatever reason you have a bad day, what you need to do is think hard. Not about your misery or misfortune that hit you. You may have your opinion that unfortunate events or experiences haunting and putting you under depression and mental stress, draining your emotions of their usual energy, killing your enthusiasm and damaging everything that you hold dear in life.

In short, your negative thoughts may make your bad day worse than it actually is. Without doubt, that will be the case if you surrender yourself to the consequences rather than the other way round. But if you take control and in clearer frame of mind, you can come up with ways and means of overcoming the bad day blues.

Since negative thoughts and emotions will overwhelm you on a bad day, you need to come up with strategies to counter them. One great way to start is going for vigorous physical workout like long-distance jog or gym exercises. If you prefer lighter alternatives, you can go swimming or even take a long walk in the park. Anything to take your mind away from things that hurt you emotionally.

Speaking of parks or even gardens, you can go there, sit somewhere and observe trees and flowers. For me, I usually jog from my house to a small hill which is quite a distance away to enjoy the sunset.

If you are too busy exercising, you can just listen to cool music or watch a movie. Doing still removes negative thought from your mind but is not as effective as exercising and going out as a whole.

The Good Times

Remember the good old days that enriched your life?

Such as all your happy experiences and moments that elevated your spirits. Or even your friends and loved ones who brought cheer and laughter into your life. Just recall and think of all the good things that came into your life and be grateful for the blessings bestowed on you.

By appreciating, all those good things will naturally outweight and push your bad day into insignificance.

Do not indulge into self-pity as that will be guaranteed to plung you deeper into sorrow and even insanity. Remember a bad day is just another day that will be over if you allow it to. It might have inflicted emotional scars on your mind initially but unless it is a tragedy or you getting into deep trouble like debt and being arrested for doing something illegal, a bad day is just temporary.

Time As A Great Healer

If you look from another yet wider perspective, you will soon realize that time is a great healer. It may not help you to get over in one night but it will gradually if you focus on other more important things in life.

Such as your daily goals and relationships with the people around you such as your family. Just because you have a bad day does not mean you can take those for granted.

But if the problems that caused you to have a bad day are really beyond your control, you should discuss with your friends and family instead of keeping everything to yourself. Doing these certainly helps to relieve any burden you have mentally.

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