How To Overcome Stage Fright

By: Rick Lim

Many renowned performers irrespective of the numerous performances that they have put up on stage continue to feel the jitters when they are performing their latest act.

Stage Fright can happen to anyone (i.e.) a newcomer can feel nervous on their first day of performance and an experienced person too can feel anxious.

But during a live performance you can´t let fear hinder your acting or performing skills.

Running away from the situation will be a complete let down to not just your team but also to your audience who has paid to see your performance.

However, there is a solution to every problem. And stage fright is not that big a problem which cannot be conquered.

Before your performance, remember reviewing your performance skills that you have practiced and learnt.

This will increase your confidence and you will be assured of not making any mistakes on the final day. Make sure that you cross-check everything before your performance.

This will help in reducing your anxiety to a great level. The most important thing is that you must pay attention to the printed matter that you are referring to during your practice.

It can so happen that you could be referring to the old print-outs and realize your mistake at the nth moment. But then it will be too late.

Check if your microphones are working properly or not. Avoid getting distracted on the final day of your performance as this will impact your finale performance. Relax and stop practicing before the performance.

This will keep your nervous energies under control. Remember to enjoy whatever you are doing.

That is because as long as you consider this performance to be a task you won´t be able to give it your best shot. Enjoying your practice sessions will heed your problems.

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