How To Open A Combination Lock!

By: Rick Skew

A combination lock is a kind of lock that isn’t opened by a key but a series of numbers or symbols insead, and when entered properly will open the lock. The series may be entered by using one or several rotating dials with engraved markings, usually it will be numbers, which directly work together with the locking elecical. Other combination locks use mechanical or electronic keypads for inputting the series.

A combination lock is used by lots of individuals to protect their possessions particularly in offices and schools in which it is quite simple to break into someones locker. Most users of combination locks find it difficult to unlock it the very first time and also it can look complicated, but actually it is very easy and you can unlock it in a matter of seconds, that is if you know the correct combination.

Most combination locks employ a 3-digit numerical code and each digit represents one number from 0 to 39. Check that you have the right numerical code. It is normally found on the label at the back of the lock or sometimes in the packaging. It is better to memorize the code and then take off the label from the lock. You should not reveal your 3-digit code to anybody for obvious security reasons.

Have a firm grip on your lock. Use your thumb and index finger to work the dial located in the middle of your combination lock. Turn the dial to 0 and with your thumb and index finger grip dial. Begin to rotate the dial 3 times until the number 0 is directly level to the arrow that is engraved on top of the dial.

Try the first number once the dial is set to 0, you intend at this instant set to unlock the combination lock by means of the 3-digit numeric code. Let us say your code is 11-20-28. From the initial position of 0, rotate the dial clockwise until the number 11 is pointing to the arrow.

Now move the dial to the second numeric number. This time, you have to carry out two rotations rather than one before stopping at the second number. From the number 11, spin the dial counter-clockwise until the number 20 has passed the arrow sign. Carry out the second rotation by turning the dial counter-clockwise but this time stop turning the dial when 20 is directly pointing to the arrow mark.

Now for the last number. Move the dial to the third number. The last number in the series is 28, and to get there, spin the dial clockwise until the number 28 is pointing to the arrow. At this time the shackle should have been released off the lock. Open the combination lock by pulling the shackle upwards.

To shut and secure the combination lock. Insert the shackle back into the hole and push it down firmly into place. Next, rotate the dial to any number. Verify that the lock is actually locked by pulling on the shackle. The combination lock is closed appropriately if the shackle did not move.

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