How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Lose Love Handles Fast

By: Chris Chew

As we age, our metabolism starts to slow down and we start to gain fat in all the wrong places. To make matters worse, it is known that the older we get,the more sedentary our lifestyle will be. This will be translated to less fat
getting burnt off and more fat being acccumulated. For men, fat is often gained around the belly. If you are lucky, only your waistline will bulge which is commonly being referred to as love handles. But for most of us, fat
will build up on the tummy or what is commonly called, belly fat. The ladies tend to accumulate fat around the thigh and butt. That is not to say they will not have belly fat or love handles. In fact, women have it worse than men and are more inclined to gain fat all over. All of us want to own an attractive flat belly and a slim waistline. We will not only look attractive, we will also have less risk to fat related diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and other medical complications.

So how do we get rid of belly fat and love handles fast? First, let the truth be out. There is no such thing as spot reduction short of invasive medical procedures such as mesotherapy which actually inject drugs into your fat to supposedly melt them away. This treatment still has its controversy at the time of this writing. The other is liposuction. A very excruciatingly painful and expensive medical procedure. But do these procedures as well as
others such as body wraps, slimming pills, diets etc keep your waistline slim and belly fat at bay? Well, perhaps initially, but to keep fat off permanently, they are questionable unless you keep poppng pills or on a diet
for the rest of your life.

To keep belly fat and your love handle off permenantly, you will need to incoporate regular cardio exercises, weight training and a healthy eating habit into your life style. No starvation diet is required. Cardio exercises will burn fat fast. Weight training which will build you some muscles will also burn body fat. The added advantage is that when you pack on more muscles, your metabolism skyrockets and you burn fat round the clock, not just your belly fat and love handle but body fat from all over you. You will also have the benefit of owning an attractive flat belly and a slim waistline with beautiful muscle tone and that fabulous six pack abs for the guys. Added to your healthy eating habit such as avoiding too much dietary fat, sugar, simple carbohyrate, you will not only lose your belly fat and love handle, you will lose them forever. And if you have other fat deposit in other parts of your body, the same routine will also burn away those fat fast too.

So the if you want to own an attractive flat belly and a slim waist line fast, add cardio and weight exercises along with a healthy eating habit. Then watch the massive improvement to your health and fitness and watch your belly
fat and love handle melt away quickly.

Well, it may take some effort getting used to the new routine at first but when you start to see your belly fat and love handle melting away and when you are forced to change you wardrobe because of your new slim waistline, you
will enjoy and appreciate your new healthy lifestyle and attractive body. Try it.

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