How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful While Traveling

By: aloevella

Between business trips, visiting family and just-gotta-get-out-of-town vacations, chances are good that you spend at least a week or so every year traveling — and more so if your job requires it. You may have perfected the art of getting fifteen days worth of clothing and shoes into your carry-on, but have you figured out the best way to take your herbal skin care beauty routine with you? Because let’s face it, free hotel swag is nice, but their tiny moisturizer bottles and hand creams aren’t always the most skin-friendly, and they’re definitely not catered to your own personal routine. Here are some ways to keep your skin on track and looking fresh and healthy when flying through the skies or hitting the road.

Use miniature bottles.
If you’re flying to your destination, you’ll only be able to carry a few small bottles of your organic skin products onto the plane. But don’t let this restriction make you pick and choose which parts of your routine to bring with you; instead, purchase a mini travel kit with small tubes and bottles so you can carry on all of your daily organic beauty products. If you’re a frequent traveler, pick up extra shampoo bottles from the hotels you stay at, and when you get back home, clean out the tiny bottles and pour your own products in. Add a label if you need to differentiate between similar-looking products.

Consider your environment.
In some locations, the atmosphere can be more dry or humid than your skin is used to, and it may need some extra assistance that it doesn’t in your typical environment. If the air at your destination is very dry, you may need to pack a rejuvenating cream or hydrating gel to keep skin moistened. If skin starts to appear patchy or flaky, you can slather on extra rejuvenating cream or try exfoliating with a body scrub to get rid of scaly-looking skin.

Don't skip parts of your routine.
Because you’re already experiencing a different environment, your skin is more prone to problems with dryness, acne or other irritants. While traveling is not the time to skimp on your routine or “forget” to wash your face before bed, as small changes in habits or products can cause problems to escalate quickly. It’s much easier to keep skin looking beautiful than it is to get it back to its base. Maintain usage of your normal organic beauty products and herbal skin care routine as much as possible.

Have a great trip.
Enjoy the scenery and the sights at your destination. Wear plenty of sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin from sunburn and premature aging. Go with the flow and avoid stress to prevent creases and worry lines in your face.

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