How To Keep Body Acne At Bay

By: aloevella

Summer is the time where itís the most important to have clear skin, both on your face and your body. Thatís because itís the time of year where more skin is likely to be exposed, thanks to the bathing suits, tank tops, shorts and flip flops that keep you cool during the warmer months. If youíre getting ready for swimsuit season, but havenít yet tackled the acne blemishes on your back or chest, now is the time to start. Follow these five helpful hints for getting rid of acne to find your cure for acne and beautiful skin all summer long.

One: Make sure you wash your body often. Even if you normally shower every other day, you may need to increase the frequency with which you cleanse yourself during the summer, especially if you participate in activities where youíll be sweating or wearing a bathing suit. Swimsuits can trap sweat in the material and hold it against your skin for long periods of time, which can clog pores and cause blemishes. Donít forget to use a face wash to clean sweat from your complexion as well.

Two: If you use a medicated face wash from your dermatologist to help with getting rid of acne, you can also use it to cleanse specific areas of your body so that the acne treatment can reduce the inflammation. This is more effective than your standard body wash, and you can use a small amount so you wonít go through it too fast.

Three: Use a spot acne treatment on existing blemishes. You can use the same one you use on your face, or you can use one specially created to deal with body acne. Donít apply too much of the ointment or cream though, as it can dry out skin excessively. If you notice that your skin is very dry, you may need to apply moisturizers to get it back to normal. (Moisturizers are okay for use on acne, but look for a light, water-based formula so they wonít clog pores further.)

Four: Donít use an exfoliating face wash on blemished skin. While youíre at it, donít use any other exfoliating products either, at least until your skin clears up. The rough beads or grains can cause irritation, redness or further inflammation. The cure for acne is to use gentle products or ones specifically meant for getting rid of acne.

Five: No matter how noticeable you believe it is to have pimples on your back or chest, you shouldnít pop them under any circumstances. Picking at the zit causes a larger red area around the spot, and most blemishes look even worse after theyíve been popped. Not to mention that it can cause the pore to get infected and cause additional pimples in the same location. Apply your acne treatment and keep your hands off for clear skin.

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