How To Invest without Spending Money

By: Richard Sneed

There is one secret to being rich, you need to make money with your money. Rich people are not out working harder and making more money, they are letting their money make money for them. The way they do this is make wise investment decisions. Money can actually grow and thats what you need it to do. Here are some things you can do to make your money grow.
You have to start saving money. If you are not saving money and you spend every dime that you earn you could be in deep trouble. This is a bad habit to start and a hard habit to break, but at some point everyone needs to start building that nest egg so that they can retire happily and not depend on the government to foot the bill for retirement, unless campgrounds sound like nice vacations.
I think the first thing everyone should do is begin contributing to a 401k if one is offered by your employer. If you don't contribute bump your election to 1%. You will not even notice the money is gone, it is taken out before taxes, so the amount you pay in taxes is less. Continue to bump it by 1% until you reach the maximum your employer will match or 5% whichever is greater.
Next you need an emergency fund of at least $1000. The benefit of this is that if some unexpected expense comes up you won't have to sell investments that are making you money to pay liabilities that cost you money. The way I do this is I have an account with and have an automatic withdrawl of about 10% of my take home pay. I never notice the money is gone and my savings builds quickly.
I then say you should take some money and invest it in risky investments that can make you a lot of money. The more risk the more return. One good way to do this is through Automated Forex Robots. These things can make you a lot of money very quickly and they are set it and forget it operations. They do all the work for you to bring in the money.

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