How To Install Your Own Decking Without Causing A Fuss

By: Johnny Deppin

Do you ever look into your garden and think that something is missing? You can't quite figure out what, but something is lacking in the overall scheme of things. The patio looks nice; your conservatory and fish pond look the part. But you still wish that you had another aspect or feature you could add to the place. Then you start to think about some decking behind the patio; maybe that is the missing part of your garden puzzle. Well it isn't the easiest job, but if you follow this simple guide; you may be able to get ‘decked out' sooner than you thought.


You will need to speak to your local home improvement centre to kit you out with the correct materials for this task. Ensure that you know the size of the area you are covering with decking. Give them the exact measurements and they can select the decking boards. You should have a decent choice and pick the ones you will be happiest to live with. They will also supply you with extra wood, joists, specific screws, wood preserver and concrete slabs. You should also invest in a large roll of weed control fabric.


You should have most of these but ensure your tools are in good working order:

• Drill

• Jigsaw

• Hammer

• Mitre Saw

• Gloves

• Workbench

• Screwdrivers

• Spirit Level

• Hammer

• Nail gun

Get Started

So you have the tools and all of the materials; you will need to leave a few days aside for this project. Mark off the area you will be decking over; use a compressor to flatten the earth. Lay the weed control fabric over the area to stop any greenery growing through the boards. Place your concrete slabs in the corners and center points of the area you are decking. Check the level of the slabs with your spirit guide. Use the extra wood planks to make up a box frame for the decking area. Nail these in place and slot the joists inside the frame at an equal distance. These should also be nailed in place; leave a four hundred millimeter gap between them. After this frame is complete; check the level once more for evenness.


Cut some more wood and fit it between the joists to add more stability for the decking frame. These should be fitted across the center point.

Decked out!

Now you can begin to apply the decking planks; start at the outside corners and work your way across the frame. Once they have fitted nicely; you can screw them into the joists for a secure fit. You should also add decking to the front, back and sides of your decking frame. This will enhance the attractiveness no end.


When the decking starts to look a little less than new; you can remedy this by using a pressure washer to remove the mildew and unsightly stains that may have gathered.

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