How To Increase Weight With Ayurvedic Supplements That Are Proven?

By: Gordon R Santo

The personality of an individual is determined by genetic factors but, sometimes some people remain healthy in adulthood and with age either they gain a lot of weight or lose it. A person who is naturally thin may find it difficult to gain weight in the same way as it is difficult to lose weight for an obese person. People who are 15 to 20 percent below the normal weight for a particular height are said to be underweight. Gaining weight in an unhealthy manner can have adverse impact on health. Sometimes, people remain thin due to their eating habits or active physical lifestyle. Over exercising or other factors that fastens metabolism can result in underweight problem. People who are underweight may get tired very soon and may find it difficult to perform tasks which require physical stamina. Ayurvedic supplements to increase weight offers reliable proven ways to people who want to know how to increase weight. People who are unable to perform their normal everyday physical activities because they are too thin or if a person wants to gain mass to build muscles in a healthy manner, he or she can take ayurvedic supplements to increase weight.

How to increase weight using ayurvedic supplements to increase weight?

Weight gain is linked to increase in fat deposition in body parts. It has latency period where the effect of eating patterns can cause weight loss or gain. There are various other factors which can help in maintaining a healthy weight. Ayurvedic supplements to increase weight FitOFat capsules is made up of some of the herbs which help in improving digestion and absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body to increase the capability of the body and gain weight in a natural way. For example -

The remedy contains Tacca Aspera or Barahikand, which is a tuber used for the treatment of piles. It cures internal abscesses and infections. The herb contains beta-sitosterol, taccalin and ceryl alcohol. It can even cure condition of diarrhoea and dysentery.

Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha when taken regularly reduces the impact of depression or anxiety on body's metabolism. This also reduces early aging symptoms.

Pueraria tuberose or Vidarikand helps in reducing the level of stress caused by physical or mental exertion. It has immuno-modulatory properties. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and when taken in regulated amounts, it helps in maintaining fitness of the body. It is an adaptogen which reduces the impact of excessive stress on body and increases capability of body to handle physical exertion.

There are many other herbs that can be found in FitOFat capsule and the herbs are mixed in right proportion to ensure the body gets the best formula to gain a healthy weight. Ayurvedic supplements to increase weight provides the best answer to people who want to know how to increase weight because it gives a safe risk free way to increase energy of the body. The overall energy level of the body and mind improves on taking these supplements. It also reduces the impact of aging and prevents thinness caused by endocrine imbalance.

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