How To Identify A Bad Content Writer

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Hiring a competent content writer is an important component of any search engine optimization activity, which is carried out for the development of a business's presence on the internet. With major search engines releasing new information and regulations about the type and quality of content required for successful search engine optimization, the older methods of creating keyword stuffed articles have become obsolete. These developments are being made to filter out websites, which do not have any particularly useful information to offer to those searching for it.
Before these developments, hundreds of thousands of so-called "content writers" were flooding the internet, enticing potential customers with the prospect of excellence at throwaway prices. Many of these writers could deliver the required content, be it blog posts, articles or even website content, by copying existing information pertaining to the subject, then running it through article spinning software, which merely replaces certain words with synonyms. However, using this software often meant a drastic reduction in the quality and legibility of the content.
These trade offs of quantity vs. quality seemed alluring at first, but now business owners can no longer rely on these techniques, since all the major search engines now seek only quality work, penalizing websites which are implementing these unethical techniques in order to provide more search engine optimization. Therefore, here are a few pointers to help determine whether the content writer you are looking to hire is the appropriate choice to make for your business or is someone whom you should stay away from -
* Plagiarized Content - By far, one of the single most effective ways to plunge your website's ranking as per the search engines is to steal content. Any plagiarism detected by the codes employed by search engines in their ranking of websites will immediately demote the website in the ranking, making it harder for users to come across a site with nothing useful to offer. Check the content writer's samples for any plagiarized content first.
* Spun Content - The quickest way to rewrite an article is by using article-spinning software. However, this usually results in content, which cannot be read properly, being loaded with grammatical and contextual errors. The quickest way to catch a spun article is to read it. Avoid content writers who promise they can write bulk quantities of content in a matter of hours since the only practical way possible is by using article-spinning software.
* Background work - Analyzing the existing work of content writers can often deliver an important insight into the capabilities they bring to your organization. Checking their content can deliver great insights into whether or not they can write content as per your business's requirements.
In an ideal situation, all content writers would deliver content, which matches your business's requirements in terms of time, quality and money. However, in the real world, you have to compromise between the three. Getting the right content writer while keeping the above mentioned pointers in mind will ensure that your business gets the online presence it has paid for.For the best content writer choose the best content writer India today with Niche Writers

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