How To Hire An Internet SEO Expert

By: Sarah Carlye

Finding a great SEO expert is very hard to do if you don’t know what to look for. With the thousands of online marketing websites, and search engine optimization firms all saying they are #1, it can be overwhelming to find the true professionals. In order to find the best SEO experts for my clients I look at a company according to their portfolio, their results, their knowledge, their marketing strategy, and their organization & management abilities.

A quick look at their portfolios should show give you a great indication of whether they are professional or not. If they have worked with big companies and small companies that’s a good sign that they have scaling abilities.

Results are the only things that matter in the end. Can they get results? Can they show you results that they have gotten for their clients? Do they have a case study and references that you can talk to?

Is their presentation of their own website clean and efficient? Can you navigate their website and find quickly ways to contact them? Does their presentation give a custom, high quality, and at the same time a creative feel?

Do they have knowledge and understand of their industry? A good Internet marketing company will have a knowledge center that will help educate consumers and clients. Do they offer a free services like a free website analysis for customers so they can understand better their current rankings? Do they possess a willing to teach and learn at the same time? It is important to learn about a new industry and the players in the marketing in order to get a better grasp and understanding of how a successful Internet marketing campaign can be launched.

Do they provide a clear strategy and outline of how they are going to launch a successful Internet marketing campaign for you as a client? Are there clear goals set for their clients?

Are they organized and how is their management abilities? Do they have a centralized location for information and a customer login system where clients can see what is going on with their project and communicate efficiently with the team?

Karma Snack is a unique company that has risen quickly in the SEO world. Karma Snack provides clients with everything that they need in order to gain great search engine rankings, increase in traffic, and increase in sales.

Karma Snack is one company who’s staff has worked with Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Chase, Ingram Micro, Dole, Wachovia, Bank of America, Citigroup, Toshiba, Formula 1 & 2, Porsche Racing, 99 Jamz of South Florida, AOL, Quigo, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Nike, Apple, Iphone Dev Team, and more. The have also help develop from start KO Dynasty, the fastest growing MMA Sports management company, and A2z Big Loans, an international commercial loan provider.

Karma snack has proven results with over 2,000 first page search engine lists and a $5 billion case study of one of their clients. They also provide references upon request to current clients so you can talk to in order to get a feel for what it is like to work with them.

Karma Snack has web developers with over 30 years of experience combined in online web design and Internet marketing. Search Engine optimization is a specialty for Karma Snack, and it is one of the reasons it stands out amongst the competition.

Karma Snack has an in-depth and growing knowledge center that hold an expert advise in Internet marketing and search engine optimization. A newsletter signup is also available for customers who want to get updates on new information and services. Karma Snack also offers a free website analysis for visitors to get an in-depth understanding of their current rankings and how they can better their search engine marketing campaigns. Karma Snack’s goal is to teach and education consumers on how to increase rankings and gain targeted traffic to their websites.

Karma Snack provides a clear strategy and outline of all Internet marketing campaigns to clients. They also help education clients on how to better their other marketing efforts and help sync offline with online marketing campaigns. Each client is at a different level, but the goals of Karma Snack stay the same: Increase Traffic, Increase Leads/Sales, and then eliminate non-performing marketing efforts.

Karma Snack has a unique project management system that they provide their clients access to in order to view their current marketing project, see what is scheduled. The Snack Board (project management system) allows Karma Snack a centralized location for communication with their in-house staff and clients. Clients and members of the staff can be anywhere in the world and still be able to access the Snack Board and view what is going on, and what the next milestones and goals are for a project.

Karma Snack has set themselves as one of the top Internet marketing companies in the world, and has proven to my clients and me time and time again that they are #1. They focus on quality and results, that’s the only thing that matters at the end of the day.

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