How To Heal Skin With Sun Damage

By: aloevella

Whether you spent too many days running around in the sun as a kid, or just managed to get one too many major sunburns in your life, you know that the damage that your skin sustains below the surface never actually goes away. But if you accidentally forgot to reapply the sunblock and are dealing with a little bitty burn, there are definitely ways to heal a sunburn fast.

Of course, you must remember that you canít fully undo sun damage. You can ease the pain and get your complexion looking healthy again, and you can take the steps necessary to prevent future sunburns, but damage below the skinís surface accumulates over time, which is how skin cancers such as melanoma form. The best thing to do is use a natural skin lotion sunblock with an SPF of 30 or above every single time you head outdoors, and perhaps go even higher with the UV protection if you know youíll be out in the sun for hours.

But right now, youíre focused on the burn youíre suffering this second. The first step is to remove yourself from the sun, by getting indoors or into the shade. If itís a painful burn, you can take an aspirin to ease the pain; otherwise, a cool, damp cloth applied on the area will be enough to remove the heat from the sunburn.

Next, use an aloe vera healing gel to soothe the inflamed area, and once the skin is no longer tender, you can use other herbal skin care products that contain aloe to rehydrate and calm burned flesh. Donít forget to drink plenty of cool fluids to rehydrate your body as well. If your skin still feels dry once the sunburn is mostly healed, use the best face lotion for women that you can get, and apply it regularly until your complexion is hydrated again.

If youíve had bad sunburns in the past, the best thing you can do to prevent future skin issues is to protect yourself with sunblock, and cover yourself from head to toe in it. When youíre not in the sun, keep your skin hydrated daily with a natural skin cream to make up for the dehydration that comes with sun-parched skin. Try to stay in the shade instead of in direct sunlight whenever possible though; remember that your burns from the past have stuck with you, and can cause problems for you later in life if you donít take care of yourself now.

Keep healing gel on-hand so any time you get a little too much sun, you can apply it for one of the ways to heal a sunburn fast. But itís always better if you donít get burned at all.

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