How To Get Your Eyesight Better And Healthy For Life?

By: Amuro Wesley

Of all our body parts, our eyes are the most important. They served as our windows to everything around us. You use them to see and navigate your way around, whether it is your home or public places. You use them to do things like reading and watching TV or movies. Here are some ways on how to get your eyesight better and healthy for life.

Although going to your doctor for consultation is important, it is just as vital to do exercises that will enable your eye muscles to be stronger. Doing these consistently will definitely help you to see better and save you money on glasses, contact lens and even surgery.

No matter how busy you are in studies and work, it is still possible to take a 5 to 10 min break. You use those breaks to do exercises instead of just looking and taking a stroll like most people do.

Simple eye exercises such as blinking, palming, sunning, video turning and swinging are great ways to start off with. At first glance, you may assume those to be just normal activities but if you are in front of TV or PC, you tend to blink less and easily get tired and stressed out as a result.

Because of this, taking short breaks from TV or PC screens after an hour or more are critical. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to stay focused and get the job done.

Apart from eye exercises, having a balanced diet with nutrition is also essential. Foods like natural green vegetables as in spinach, red potatoes, long beans, carbage, carrots, and broccoli. are great for your body and eye health. The same goes for fruits. They all contain antioxidants and vitamins which are necessary for your eyes to remain in positive condition.

An ideal meal should be vegetarian soup, meals and fruit juices with a little meat and seafood if you ask me what to eat to keep your eyes healthy daily.

Many people wrongly assume that investing in contact lens and even going for surgery will solve all their eye problems and make them look better. But the sad reality is that all these are not for everyone as their conditions vary and it will up to the doctors to decide whether or not they are suitable to wear lens or go for operation.

But not you. For if you can merge your exercises with a well-balanced diet everyday, there is no reason why you cannot get eyesight to be better and healthy for life.

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