How To Get Over The Fear Of Speaking In Public

By: Rick Lim

Public speaking help is easily available nowadays as the need for presenting your viewpoint is increasing. According to a study conducted a few years ago, some people find speaking in public harder than others.

As they carry on with their presentations, some people experience increasing levels of anxiety and it doesn´t stop after their speech is over. Instead of a sense of relief, their anxiety levels increase further.

You are not alone in this as Texas Christian University assistant professor Paul Witt believes most Americans fear speaking in public. Known as stage fright which has its roots in not being able to perform well in school plays have remained even in their adulthood.

You can get help from counselors who hold sessions on public speaking. You would have to make presentations to a different group every time to get over your fear of public speaking.

Public speaking help centers have grown over the years to cater to the primary worry among most people in the US.

The main aim is to help you get over the anxiety in front of an audience faced with the same problems. Some experience heightened levels of anxiety that remains after their speech is over, while others manage to get over their initial anxiety as they get along with their presentation.

The more they face the audience in public speaking help centers and also get tips and suggestions online, the more confident they get and the anxiety subsides.

It is those who have heightened levels of anxiety are called sensitizers by Prof. Witt who conducted a study on students of a public speaking class.

For them, help in the form of counseling can make them get over their intense fear and anxiety. Public speaking help can correct the disorder among many people who fear speaking in public.

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