How To Fix a Paper Stuckin a Printer

By: Eichner Odonal

Now we're going to teach you how to repair a printer so you do not have to rent a faxes because it's the largest office supply you have & can be a big pain. Lets start by getting rid of all the extra paper at the output bin, and the priorty slot, the priorty slot is the main input tray and the slot above the input tray. Spin the printer around & look at the back. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button. Unplug the power cord & wait for the printer to cool. Return to the front of the scanner. Open the faxes cartridge door. Now check the inside of it for the faxes cartridge. Using the handle in the middle of the printer cartridge remove the cartridge from the printer. This all depends on the model. Using both hands grab the edge of the paper that is most exposed and pull evenly to avoid tearing. If any torn pieces of paper remain inside the scanner then more paper jams will likely occur. When all the paper is gone from the printer you can then put the cartridge back into the printer. Then shut the printer cartridge door. Finally, put the paper into the input tray until it stops. Change your paper width guide until it stops at the end of the paper. Do the same for the length guide as well. Do not push either guide in so tightly that it bends the paper. Press retry on the error message of the faxes or attempt to printer from the original document on the PC. If it works and the file prints succesfully then you have solved the issue. If the page does not print then go on to the next step.

Sometimes the faxes needs to be reset to clear the paper jam error. To reset the multifunction printer thier should be a power button on the back of the faxes, if not then just unplug it using the power cord. Once the power is off wait at-least thirty seconds. Then turn on your computer by plugging the cord back in. reprint the file from the computer or press retry on the error message.

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