How To Fix a Paper Stuck in a Printer Part 3/3

By: Baggette Ferg

During the printing process paper, toner & dust particles can accumulate inside the multifunction printer and cause paper jams. In this step we will clean the faxes. 1st, all enter and exit points of the multifunction printer should be examined for loose particules. This includes the main input bin, output bin & the slot just above the primary input tray.
Flip the scanner around looking at the back. To turn off the copier press the power switch, unplug the power cord & wait for the multifunction printer to cool down. Then go back to the front. Open the print cartridge door, look inside the faxes for the printer cartridge using the handle in the middle of the cartridge lift straight out to remove the cartridge to from the multifunction printer. Grab the printer cartridge & place it on a flat surface & cover it up with a piece of paper. By covering the cartridge you minimize the exposure to direct light which may cause damage to the printer cartridge. Gather a lint, dry free cloth to clean the inside of the faxes. Be certain to wipe down any residue in the paper path of the faxes. When cleaning the faxes be cautious not to touch the black sponge transfer roller by touching the transfer roller you can damage the copier.
Once, you're finish cleaning the paper path area and cartridge cavity you can reinstall the scanner cartridge. Shut the scanner cartridge door. Turn to the back, connect the cord back in. Press the power button to turn on the multifunction printer. Now lets go back to the front side. Afterwards, put the paper into the input tray up until it stops. Move the paper width guide so that it stops at the edge of the paper. Repeat for the paper length guide as well. Do not push either guide in so tightly that it attempts to bend the paper. Finally, print from the oringal document from the multifunction printer or press the retry button.

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