How To Find The Perfect Upholsterer For Your Lounge Suite

By: Benito Olsen

If your lounge suite has seen better days, you may be tempted to take it to a junk yard and buy a new ones. There are plenty of reasons not to however. Underneath the faded leather or fabric covering and the worn padding there is a solid frame usually made from quality wood. When it comes to quality, the older your suite is the better it could be. As the saying goes, they don't make things like they used too. An old suite that has stood the test of time probably has better quality wood built to higher standards than most of what you would find at a store today. Upholstery your old lounge suit and you will end up with a suite of much higher quality than you could buy for the same price.

Ask For Personal Recommendations

Do any of your friends or colleagues know of good upholstery firms? A recommendation from someone you know is a great way to find a quality upholsterer.

Ask In A Design Store

If there's a store near you selling refurbished furniture you could try asking them. They'll likely have used an upholsterer to give the furniture they sell a new lease of life. Don't be surprised if designers keep their upholsterer a closely guarded secret. Designers know that as soon as word gets out, the upholsterer that they use will get busier and will have slower turnaround times. If they gave away their sources then they themselves would suffer. They may give you a reputable store they know of but don't use.

Finding Hidden Gems

If you don't have any personal recommendations and don't know where to start, Google Maps is as good a place to start as any. The cheapest upholsterer will operate from the smallest, darkest stores and may not even have their own website. Firms operating from the cheaper commercial spaces will obviously be cheaper than those in the central areas with higher rent will. You'll find that out-of-the-way upholsters are often worth it because they'll give you a low price, high quality and they'll often collect and deliver for the cost of petrol.

How To Do A Walk-In

Upholstery isn't something you should negotiate over the phone or online. You need to walk in and ask for pictures, costs and enquire how many years of experience the firm has. You'll get the best job on your lounge suite if you find a place that has plenty of experience doing the same sort of thing. Unless you know exactly what you want doing and what material is needed, taking your suite isn't a bad idea either. Upholsterers can take an old lounge suite back down to the frame, repair it and build it back up in either the same style or a modern style to suit your needs. It can help to get several opinions from different upholsterers as they may make your consider aspects you hadn't thought of. Try at least three different places and go with the one that gives you the best feeling, not just the lowest price.

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