How To Encourage Your Active Tot's Creativity

By: Moby Bond

The way you handle your child in their early days, will eventually determine how they grow as an adult. Creativity is something unique for every individual. If you want to see your little one grow into an active and creative adult, you need to lay some groundwork right from the start. Compiled in this article are creative playing ideas to keep your toddler busy.

Blanky tents

You can fill your kid's room with all sort of expensive games all you want, but it won't be long before they lose interest and sulk about in the corner. Being creative is not about splurging money. You need to be creative yourself to be able to hold on to your child's attention. Handover a couple of blankets, pillows and spare clothes to your tot and steer clear from the vicinity. Watch from afar the creative way they build their castle. From royal chambers, private homes to their own little offices, it is amazing to watch the way their creativity unfurls. You can also role-play with your kid; it can be your special bonding time, together. Your tot can continue to play this game as long as their creativity allows them.

Dough dolls

We all remember doing this, getting our hands dirty playing with dough. Let your child have the same childhood, or an even better one, than what you had. Getting dirty is good at times; give them a good portion of freshly made dough and see what happens. From making adorable miniature of mommy and daddy to making action figurines of their favourite action heroes, a lot could come out of this simple game. You need to watch your tot at all times though; least they pop some of the dough in to their mouth. On a serious note, be prepared to spend some time cleaning sticky dough out of your tots hands and clothes. Your little one is sure to have had a ball with this game.

Paper crafts

An excellent way to jump start your child's creativity is through paper crafts. From crafting adorable caterpillars to making a simple paper boat, there are many creative ideas to explore with paper crafts. Your child will probably need your assistance in this game. Do some research and learn simple yet creative things you can make from paper. If you are making animated characters add accent to it with cute pom-pom feet, googly eyes and colourful stickers. Keep sharp objects like pocket knife or scissors out of your child's reach. Educate your child about the possible harms of eating gum or pencil lead.

Drawing time

This is an age-old technique to fully unleash the creativity of your child. Give your child some lone time with a drawing book and a set of crayons. Let them doodle, scribble and dabble to their hearts content. In every senseless squiggle, you will find a pattern following, characters forming which will eventually take full shape. As they age, this simple practise will help your children to better express themselves.

You can also enrol your child to kids' art classes, which will enable them, to learn lot of new creative things and make new friends.

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If you want to see your little one grow into an active and creative adult, you need to lay some groundwork right from the start.To encourage your tot's creativity, enrol them in a kids art classes in Oakville. For more details on same, click this link.

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