How To Eat For Colon Health

By: Gregg Hall

A Proper diet is important for us to maintain optimum health but many people do not realize just how important a healthy diet is for a healthy colon. When we eat right our colon will actually help us stay healthier and can even help to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Your colon is like a mini recycling center. It is able to absorb huge amounts of water which it uses in the recycling and waste removal process, it can actually absorb as much as eight times more water than the rest of the body does on a daily basis. While going through this process the colon separates waste from what is recycled which is water, electrolytes, and bile salts taken back into the body’s system.

To make sure that our colons remain healthy a good diet along with proper sleep and regular exercise is essential. As part of a healthy diet eating a good amount of fiber is crucial to the proper function of the colon as well and contributes to overall health as well. There are also certain kinds of friendly bacteria such as acidophilus that are good for you and help the colon to work properly.

Some of the maladies that indicate poor colon health are the following: Constipation and hemorrhoids which are both caused by a lack of fiber in the diet and colitis which is caused by an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Colon cancer can be prevented with a proper diet as well and due to testing available today is also one of the most curable cancers as well. Smaller problems can also be caused by colon-related functions. Things such as bad breath, acne and spider veins can be caused by a malfunction in the colon, because the colon rids the body of waste, it also cleanses the body. Poor health overall is the result of poor detoxification.

Colonics are a popular approach used to cleanse the colon using chemicals, tubes, and water to push fluid through the colon and remove leftover waste. Many people abuse these processes and end up harming their colon due to the removal of necessary bacteria. Colonics can be helpful if used properly, but it is best to consult with your doctor before using any of these therapies. Often they are not needed, and the "toxins" that are supposedly building up in the colon and intestine are often natural residue from the body's natural processes. It is debatable whether or not the residue left in the colon really does affect the body in a negative way, although patients from colonics often report fresher skin, whiter eyes and a lighter sense of balance when the procedure is complete. The procedure can have some harmful side effects, however, and patients should be aware of these before undergoing treatment.

There are easier, healthier ways to clean the colon than this process. Changing your diet is one. A diet of fiber and raw foods helps clean the walls of the colon, and diuretics are helpful in producing excess waste and stools.

Care of the colon results in clear skin, healthy eyes and a good sense of balance.

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