How To Design Tattoo ?

By: Samart Phooton

Tattoo Design is an art of drawing pictures. Pictures can be of anything could it be a picture of butterfly, star, flower etc. We can also define Tattoo art as drawing of pictures on body parts. To become a Tattoo Design artist one needs to have good drawing. As it is related to drawing so one needs to be a master in paintings. These days Tattoo designs are categorized into two types: Permanent and Non Permanent. They are further divided into two parts i.e. Colored and Black and White.

These days tattooing the skin is the latest fashion trend among the youths. Everyday, newer dimensions are given to this traditional art form. The teenagers all over the world have a lot of craze for the various designs on their body on different locations. Some people are mad about this art.

Tattoo Design artist has to be very creative and one need to have a good knowledge of colors combination for color Tattoos. One needs to have complete knowledge of body parts as their are some sensitive parts where Tattoo Designs can be very harmful for the person who wants to get this art done on his body.

To get Tattoo Design art done one needs to select a design first from various options.
When the person walks into a tattoo parlor, one is instantly greeted with eye-catching designs filled with color and complexity. After the selection of particular Tattoo design then the part of body is selected where the person wants to draw it. Tattoo Design is also selected accordingly the body part i.e. the position where the person wants to get it done. Then after the selection of body part the size of Tattoo design is selected and its colors if it is a colored Tattoo. After all this is done then the Tattoo artist first draws a rough sketch or picture of Tattoo design with the help of a marker on the selected body part. In the second phase when this is done the rest of the body parts is covered with a special material. After all this is done the Tattoo artist again draw over the same design but with the help of pins, special equipments etc. which is very painful. Although the pain varies from one body part to other. For eg. if one wants to get done Tattoo design on his shoulder then one has to bear less pain as compare to the other person who wants a Tattoo on his back. The pain also varies with the size of design although these days varies painkillers are available which one takes before getting this Tattoo art done but one has to bear some pain.

Designing a Tattoo for Tattoo artist requires a lot of hard work and it has opened new opportunities for young creative artists. So Tattoo artists have to be very well versed in this field and have to update with all the various trends going on in the market.

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