How To Deal with Fear Attacks

By: Elby Tineo

A great many of us are acquainted with fear and stress. These are normal conditions in our lives and once we pass these troubles we tend to forget about them. Unfortunately there are persons who live with fear and panic their entire lives. For these people panic does not mean a reaction to a normal uncomfortable situation, instead it means wondering when you will be scare and helpless next. This is what having panic disorder can do to anyone.

Fear disorder is a very bad condition. The feelings arising from this disorder are irrational to the situation. They have a tendency to appear in response to stressful gatherings in our lives. These may be gatherings like getting married, having your first child, even switching your job. Fear disorders usually start from panic attacks. These can sometimes arrive during teenage years to early adulthood.

Fear attacks and their symptoms are associated with panic disorder. The symptoms can range from a fast beating heart, dizziness, nausea, paralyzing fear, smothering sensations to a fear of death. Sometimes panic disorder can lead to many phobias, substance abuse, medical complications and in severe cases, death.

The sufferer of panic disorder will live in constant and persistent fear of future panic attacks reoccurring. The effect of living with panic disorder is that you tend to restrict your life in certain areas so that you avoid triggering another panic attack. While we may think that this behavior is strange, for the panic disorder victim this sort of lifestyle tends to be a terror.

The effects of panic disorder ranges from minor to being socially impaired to the more severe and debilitating situation of agoraphobia, where you are housebound for a big part of your life as you wish to avoid another panic attack. With panic disorder, phobias are usually the result. Here phobias do not start with regards to specific objects or gatherings in one’s life. Instead going through a panic attack in different places or conditions will cause the phobia to start itself.

People who may have had 4 or more repeated panic attacks and who think that they might have another such bout of pure mind numbing panic should check with a psychiatrist who is an specialist in anxiety and panic disorders. This is very important because the longer your situation is left untreated, the more the quality of your life will deteriorate.

Many therapists swear that the best ways to treat panic disorder is with cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and in some a combination of these two along with prescription medication. These are all excellent methods to control your panic disorder, but these will remain only means and not possible cures if you do not take the initiative in seeing a trained specialist as well as finishing the course of treatment.

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