How To Cure The Problem Of White Discharge With Ayurvedic Remedies?

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White discharge from vagina or leucorrhoea is quite a common problem in women. Usually it occurs in the certain phases of the menstrual cycle. Unless aggravated, the problem is not recognized as remedial problem.

Though lots of treating options are available, ayurvedic remedies for white discharge is widely accepted choice now to the health conscious women, particularly the working women who need to remain fit and fine throughout the day. Of all the natural supplements available, Gynecure capsule is the best examples of it.

Herbal remedies for curing white discharge problem in women:

Turmeric: Women experiencing leucorrhoea may use the mixture of garlic and turmeric for curing the problem of thin vaginal discharge. In cases of thick vaginal discharge, use blend of guggul and turmeric.

Fenugreek: Boil some fenugreek in water and cool it down. Then strain and drink this water regularly. It is too much beneficial in treating vaginal discharge problems in women. Besides, the women can use Gynecure capsule which is considered as one of the effective ayurvedic remedies for white discharge.

Indian gooseberry: Make a paste of some Indian gooseberry and mix a little honey to it. It is also an efficient herbal remedy for getting rid the problem of white discharge from the vagina.

Babul: Women suffering from the problem of leucorrhoea may use the extract of babul bark for cleansing their vagina. Lots of women have achieved successful results by following this herbal remedy.

Asafetida: Asafetida is another herb also useful in treating this problem in women. The consumption of Gynecure capsules can bring quick and optimum results.

Betel nut: It is very much helpful for curing the problem of white discharge from the vagina. So, chew betel nut after meal every day.

Walnut leaves: Boil the walnut leaves in water. Cool it and use this water for cleaning vagina. In addition, take Gynecure capsules regularly to achieve quick and satisfactory results.

Guava leaves: Take a few guava leaves, boil it well, cool it, strain and take the liquid portion of it. Wash the vagina by using this liquid.

Triphala: Take two liters of water and add 25 grams of triphala to it. Simmer for 20 minutes, strain it and use the water in a lukewarm condition for cleansing vagina.

Natural home remedies to get rid of leucorrhoea: Here are a few natural home remedies for curing white discharge. Try these for getting relief from the problem of white discharge. Women also may use ayurvedic remedies for white discharge along with these home remedies.


1. Take 100 gm of fresh ladyfingers and cut them along their length
2. Boil them in one liter water for twenty minutes
3. Filter it and collect the water
4. Add one tablespoon honey to water
5. Mix it well when it is lukewarm; drink about 60 to 90 ml doses on a regular basis.


1. Take three tablespoon coriander seeds; soak it in a cup of water and leave it for overnight
2. Strain the mixture in the morning
3. Consume it on an empty stomach.

Apart from the above mentioned herbal and home remedies, every woman should follow a healthy lifestyle, consume fresh fruits and vegetables, and do yoga routinely. Especially, Sarvang and Vajra asana are too much effective to prevent this problem.

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