How To Conduct A Perfect Celebrity Interview?

By: Robin Lopes

If you have finally got a chance to interview a big celebrity, it's time to get prepared for it. Many people get nervous while interviewing a celebrity because they lack confidence and do not know the right way to carry out an interview successfully. However, if you carefully follow some tips, interviewing a celebrity is the most fun thing to do. Here's how:

Do the ground work

The first and the most important step of an interview is research. It is important to know everything about the celebrity you are going to interview. Make sure that you have thoroughly read about his/her background, struggle, achievements, lows, and upcoming ventures. It is important because these are the very things that you are going to talk about in the interview. Moreover, when you do your research properly, it gives you the confidence to carry out the interview smoothly and helps prepare questions.

Prepare your questions

Interviewing is all about asking questions. If you do not prepare questions, you might go blank during the interview. Your questions should be based on the reason you are conducting the interview. For example, if you want information related to the upcoming venture of a celebrity, most of your questions should be based on that particular venture. While preparing questions, keep in mind that you need to dig up substance that people do not know. Otherwise, the purpose of your interview will be killed.

Dress up nicely

When you go to interview a celebrity, keep in mind that you, as a host, are going to represent your organization. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression by dressing up nicely. However, it does not mean that you have to look glamorous, but at least try to match-up with the standards of the celebrity by wearing sophisticated clothes. Bad dressing and make-up might put off the celebrity. As a result, he/she might try to conclude the interview as early as possible.

Set the mood

If you start the interview with a cheerful mood and in a relaxed manner, you are more likely to end it up on a good note. Keep your ears and eyes open during the interview. Do not show your nervousness by being clumsy and looking distracted. Do not break eye contact throughout the interview; this will help you remain undistracted. You need to show that you are all ears and keen to know more about the celebrity.

This will certainly set a good mood as the celebrity will be happy see your interest. Do not spit out your questions bluntly because apart from already framed questions, you carefully need to listen what celebrity is saying and frame questions out of it on the spot. Also, you need to be polite, objective and gracious. Your tone should not be authoritative while asking questions. Interrupting a celebrity in between might lead to loss of his or her interest in the interview.

Do not break the rhythm

All's well that ends well. It is important to wrap up or conclude the interview in the right manner. Do not show that you are tired or exhausted by the end of the interview. Do not break the rhythm by abruptly ending the interview. Show that you are happy to have a great conversation, and say good bye with best wishes for his or her successful career and upcoming ventures.

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