How To Completely Dominate A Niche With Bookmarking

By: Jackson Clarke

At this time, I will demonstrate my personal technique for link building using Bookmarking Demon mainly because I'm certain that a lot of you arenít benefiting from the whole capability with the application. Most of you tend to be just utilizing a minor part with the bookmarking sites obtainable in Bookmarking Demon, and just bookmarking the one primary website.

In this article, I will demonstrate the way to build up a powerful circle of sites to help your primary money site surge in the search results. They are the identical techniques the internet experts are usually asking for hundreds of dollars for this, I will reveal to you free of charge. Simply remember that this may require a reasonable effort. Believe me however, itís an excellent long run method and definitely will help make you a substantial amount of cash.

The potency of Bookmarking Demon will be its capability to generate accounts along with submit pages rapidly. Therefore exactly why would you restrict yourself to bookmarking only your primary money site? Using this strategy, we will take full advantage of higher authority Web 2.0 sites, RSS feeds along with Article directory sites to develop a powerful circle of websites for us to be able to bookmark.

Utilizing Web 2.0 websites

Precisely what we are initially planning to do will be benefit from Web 2.0 sites which allow us to publish our very own content. A number of these sites get ranking very nicely on Google. For instance, Hubpages is normally my personal favorite of those and I currently own hubs which rank #1 for a few extremely competitive keywords and phrases. Look at this yourself. Look for virtually any well known internet marketing associated item in Google and I guarantee you will find a few Hubpages, Squidoo, Blogger and WordPress sites indexed in the very first handful of pages.

I wonít get into using every site, however the primary concept would be to create a 500 word or more article which is associated with your primary site, including a link to your website utilizing your specific keywords as the anchor text. For every brand new web page you develop, ping it using a pinging service like as well as include each one of these in to Bookmarking Demon. Through connecting to those Web 2.0 properties, you're additionally enhancing the effectiveness of the hyperlink returning to your money site.

Working with Article Directories

Now take that exact same concept plus apply this to article directories also. This time around, generate a new group of original 350-500 word articles which you can use for distribution. In contrast to the Web 2.0 properties, the majority of article directories donít allow you to place the links within the body of the article. Rather you'll want to compose an author resource box that will show up in the bottom of the article. This is when you'll be able to place a link returning to your website. Once every article is published, be sure to ping every article and then add this directly into BookmarkingDemon for submission.

RSS Feeds

The primary money site must have itís unique RSS feed. Additionally, whenever you then add content for the Web 2.0 properties I pointed out above, you'll get a separate RSS feed with regard to each of the sites also. Regarding article directories, most provide you with an RSS feed for your writer profile. What we will do is take all these feeds and distribute them to RSS aggregator websites. Whenever you include your RSS feed to every one of such sites, they'll in fact generate for you a brand new separate page for you which contains the content of the feed along with backlinks towards the initial page. You know what it means? Yes, a whole new site which you'll be able to include in to Bookmarking Demon for you to bookmark. A great side bonus which I have discovered by using such RSS feed aggregators is they allow your webpages to become indexed in Google very rapidly. All you have to do will be ping all these RSS pages anytime any material changes.


The greater work you place directly into this kind of link building technique, the greater rewards you'll see as a result. The outcome is your own network which you manage and costs absolutely nothing to create. Every extra page you make is on a website which has big authority plus Google likes this information. Additionally, they provide you with the ability to utilize any kind of anchor text you want to link back to your own page. A website such as Hubpages receives a large amount of interior visitors also, which means you will notice more visitors combined with the SEO benefits. As I pointed out previously, this Web 2.0 method is not really new, and it is used by lots of people. Nonetheless, the angle though is by using your own copy of Bookmarking Demon in order to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your blog network.

Should you execute only one Bookmarking Demon function upon every new page you build, thatís a minimum of One hundred additional links in your network which is all funneling straight to your primary money site. Imagine carrying out many runs from it. This is exactly what helps make the Bookmarking Demon approach incredibly effective.

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